Community Police Offices

District 4 Office

Photo of District 4 Office with RCMP members

The City of Burnaby's Community Policing Model was introduced in 1995. Community Policing is a service delivery model aimed at engaging the community in problem solving initiatives in relation to public safety concerns. In support of this model the City added four Community Police Offices as a way to increase police accessibility to the public.

The Southwest District Community Police Office was opened on October 6th, 1999. There is limited street parking however, there is ample pay parking in the Crystal Mall underground parkade or free parking in the Bob Prittie Metrotown Library underground parkade.


Southwest Community Police Office
4501 Kingsborough Street
Burnaby, BC
V5H 4V3
Tel. 604-646-9595
Fax. 604-646-9596

Hours of operation

The District 4 – Southwest Community Police Office is temporarily closed as of November 27, 2023


The services provided at the Community Police Office include the following: 

Community Response Team (CRT) 

The Burnaby RCMP has renamed its community based officers, the Community Response Team. This name change better reflects the services provided by these officers who are stationed out of the four Community Police Offices (CPO).

The Burnaby RCMP Community Response Team (CRT) has re-conceptualized what it means to provide community policing services in today’s highly dynamic policing environment. Members of CRT have come to recognize a need to balance the need for community engagement, with the key policing responsibility of Crime Reduction. This team seeks to:

The team will seek to establish a collaborative working relationship with all relevant community partners in order to further the service delivery we provide to the community.

Community Safety Advisory Committee (CSAC)

Each policing district in Burnaby also has a Community Safety Advisory Committee (CSAC). Committee members work with other community safety partners, including police and Crime Reduction staff, to identify and find new solutions to address community safety challenges. Applications are accepted twice a year.

Volunteer Opportunities and Programs 

There are many volunteer based programs centered out of the Southwest Community Police Office including the following:

Front Counter – Volunteers assist in daily office operations such as answering phone calls, taking complaints, serving subpoenas, photocopying, helping with criminal records check applications and crime prevention referrals.

Foot Patrol - The goal is to observe and report crime to the police. This increased visibility in the community contributes to making Burnaby a safe place to live and work.

Bike Patrol - To provide the Southwest District of Burnaby with a visible presence that promotes community involvement in crime prevention.

Cell Watch - This program is sponsored by ICBC. It is an educational initiative aimed at reducing distracted driving. Volunteers set up "leave the phone alone" sandwich boards and conduct road-side surveys observing drivers and their behaviours. Information is used to help ICBC and police better understand the issues at a local level and to develop initiatives to reduce distracted driving.

Speed Watch - This is a program sponsored by ICBC and is intended to reduce speed-related crashes by making drivers aware of their speeds while traveling through the community. Volunteers target neighbourhoods with reported incidents of unsafe speed as well as high collision areas. Volunteers are trained to use portable radar equipment and an electronic digital board which displays the motorist's speed. Information gathered is used by ICBC for statistical purposes.

Community Events – Community events give the South West Community Police Office staff an opportunity to partner with other agencies to raise awareness of crime prevention initiatives and programs available in the area. These events are supported by the staff, volunteers and Burnaby RCMP and contribute to the area's strong sense of community.

If you are interested in joining the growing team of volunteers you must:  

If you meet the above criteria and would like to learn more about volunteering, please bring 2 pieces of identification (including photo & current address) to the front counter of the CPO to pick up an application form.

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