What is Crime Reduction?

Crime reduction is a consultative, research-based approach to reducing crime by focusing police efforts on prolific offenders, known crime hot spots and the underlying cause of crime.

Crime Reduction Strategy diagram that reads Prolific Offenders, Crime Hot Spots, Crime Causation

Prolific offenders: A relatively small number of individuals who are responsible for a disproportionately large amount of crime and calls for service.

Crime hot spots: Through the use of crime analysis, the practice of turning information into intelligence, certain areas in the community are identified as having more frequent sites of criminal activity than others. These areas are always changing and police resources are deployed into the areas to reduce crime.

Root crime causation: There are factors that make it more likely that individuals and areas will be involved in criminal activity. The Burnaby RCMP will be working with other public safety partners such as municipal clients and partners in the justice system for an integrated approach to crime reduction.

The Burnaby RCMP will be applying these principles of the Crime Reduction Strategy towards solving and reducing crime in the community through targeted and strategic enforcement.

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