Unsolved crimes January 1st to January 6th


2023-01-06 15:00 PST

File # 2023

Unsolved crimes January 1 to January 6. If you have information on any of these unsolved crimes call the Nanaimo RCMP non-emergency line at 250-754-2345 and quote the respective file #.

Nanaimo file # 23-73

Sometime overnight on January 1, 2023, a break and enter took occurred at Berks Intertruck on McCullough Road. The complainant said that during the evening an unidentified vehicle drove through the chain link fence surrounding their property. Unknown persons then made their way to several trucks in the compound and removed catalytic converters from at least two vehicles

Nanaimo file # 23-132

On two occasions, large chunks of concrete were thrown through a window and door at Red Shelf, located on Commercial St. The first incident occurred at approximately 9:30 PM on January 1st with the front window being smashed. The second incident occurred at 3:40 AM on January 2nd with the rear door to the business being destroyed. The only description provided of the suspect was of a man dressed all in black. Officers are continuing with their efforts to obtain CCTV footage.

Nanaimo file # 23-141

At approximately 6:45 AM on January 2, 2023, police and fire responded to a fire that had been set in the alcove of the musical room portable at Wellington High School. When fire crews arrived on scene, the alcove was fully engulfed in flames. Video surveillance obtained at 5 AM, showed two individuals in the alcove who appeared to be deliberately starting a fire. No description was obtained other than the two were wearing dark clothing. Patrols for the suspects were negative.

Nanaimo file # 23-286

On January 3rd ,a senior was scammed for $15,000 in a chartered bank fraud. The suspect called the unsuspecting woman and identified himself as an investigator working with CIBC. The man told the victim that she needed to buy $15,000 in gift cards in order to test to see if her debit visa card was working. The victim complied with the request. She was given a list of businesses in Nanaimo where the cards could be purchased. For the next several hours, she took a taxi to the locations to purchase the cards. When she arrived home, the suspect called and had her read the ten-digit code to him from the back of each card. Soon after she realized she had been scammed. She is currently working with her bank to see if she can be reimbursed.

Nanaimo file # 2023-525

Sometime in early January 2023, an 8 ft. plastic dinghy was stolen from the shore line of Quesnel Lake on Ritten Road. At the time of the theft, the dinghy was secured by a chain. The chain was cut with bolt cutters which were left behind. There is no make, model or serial number, nor identifying marks for the vessel.

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