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2022-06-30 08:00 PDT

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Since 2019, there have been 40,425 accounts of missing children in Canada. Of those, runaways accounted for the majority at 30,000, while 122 were abducted by a parent and 16 were stranger abductions. As a parent these statistics should reassure you, while at the same time, worry you.

The good news is that random child abductions are rare; the bad news is that it does happen. And when it does occur, there are often no immediate leads to turn to. The reasons for abducting a child vary. It could be for sexual purposes, a desire to harm the child or hurt the family, or for reasons motivated by money (i.e. extortion)

With all of the information available to parents on how to best protect their child, how does a parent decide on the best advice? Often the best advice is the simplest and easiest to understand- Keep it simple, keep it sensible, and keep it suitable. Make it short and sweet so that a child can understand it. Also, make it realistic and easy to follow.

Let us take a look at some of these:

Lastly, there are a number of safety tips that are available online.These are just some of the tips that we feel can help to keep your children safe and aware as possible.


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