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2021-02-17 12:31 PST

File # 2021 Community Safety Audits

Aerial view of a neighbourhood for safety audits

The Nanaimo RCMP in partnership with the City of Nanaimo and 4th year criminology students will be conducting Safety Audits in selected neighbourhoods throughout Nanaimo.

Safety Audits have been utilized in many cities throughout Canada and the US, and have been shown to be quite effective in addressing safety challenges in any neighbourhood. For some residents in Nanaimo, there is an increased feeling of fear that comes with an increase in crime activity. Over time, this has shown to undermine the safety and security of our communities and weakens the cohesiveness of our neighbourhoods, said Christy Wood, Nanaimo RCMP Community Policing Coordinator. The goal of the Safety Audits project is to will work in partnership with neighbourhoods to find ways to reduce opportunities for crime and incorporate relevant crime prevention programming.

So how does it work? Collaboration is the keystone to its success. The Community Policing Program will be partnering with a variety of people and organizations, including criminology students, Neighbourhood Associations, local decision makers and residents from our communities. Residents will have an opportunity to share their experiences and perceptions of crime in their neighbourhoods. This will assist in gaining a better understanding of how Nanaimo’s communities are affected by crime and will help guide our efforts to address some of these issues and concerns.

What are the benefits of conducting Safety Audits? This project will benefit neighbourhoods in a variety of ways. By allowing residents to voice their experiences with neighbourhood crime, residents will be able to directly influence the direction of the project. This will help to create a stronger cooperative relationship between these neighbourhoods and the Nanaimo RCMP. It will also help create familiarity amongst members of these neighbourhoods, as they work together to identify crime in their area. Findings from a Safety Audit can help police and decision makers identify priorities and incorporate crime prevention measures that can directly target these areas, leading to safer and healthier neighbourhoods.

When can we expect Safety Audits to start? Audits are expected to take place in March 2021. Currently, the Nanaimo RCMP Community Policing Unit, the 4th year criminology students, and the Nanaimo detachments crime analyst, are working to identify neighbourhoods that would positively be impacted by a Safety Audit. Once these neighbourhoods have been identified, specific neighbourhoods will be contacted and engaged.

Residents wishing to participate can provide input via an online survey and/or participate in the Audit itself. All personal information will be kept confidential and responses will also be kept anonymous. Time commitment required varies from a few minutes to 2-3 hours depending on the level of involvement.

I am looking forward to hearing from residents about the concerns they have and the pressures they are experiencing in their respective neighbourhoods. I believe the Safety Audits are an excellent means to gather meaningful input from residents, and to assist us in finding relevant ways to address crime throughout our community, said Inspector Lisa Fletcher, Acting Officer in Charge for the Nanaimo RCMP detachment.

If you are interested in being part of this project or would like more information, please visit or email Christy Wood, Community Policing Coordinator at

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