RCMP in Prince George

The Prince George RCMP Detachment proudly provides policing service to the City of Prince George, British Columbia.




About Prince George RCMP

Learn more about the Prince George RCMP Detachment.


The latest RCMP news from Prince George .

Programs and Services

Police services that we provide to the communities we police.

Volunteer Opportunities

Are you interested in volunteering in one of the Prince George RCMP's many volunteer opportunities?

Contact Us

How to contact us.

Safety Tips

Suggestions and resources on how you can stay safe at home and in the community.

Word of thank you

If you have had a good experience with the RCMP, we encourage you to email us about it.

hands typing 'report a crime' on a keyboard

Online crime reporting

You may be able to file your crime report online. Learn more on how to report a crime.

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