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Robert Mennie tells us what it’s like to be a volunteer for the Coquitlam RCMP and why he decided to become one.

What made you decide to become an RCMP volunteer?

I retired in 2018 but my wife knew I would need something to keep me busy. When she saw the post for RCMP volunteers in Coquitlam, she knew it would be ideal for me as my previous career required me to have a criminal record check to work on RCMP projects.

What does an RCMP volunteer shift look like?

I participate in Speed Watch and the Community Police Station. During Speed Watch, a team of two spend about four hours in between two locations. We will have a handheld or tripod speed gun and we monitor the speed of the traffic. If you are clocked at over 20kms per hour over the limit, you will be receiving a letter from us to remind you to stick to the speed limit or risk being stopped by the RCMP next time.

Or I could be staffing the front desk at the community police station. In this role, two of us will field complaints and reports of crime from members of the public. This normally covers stolen property, fraudulent scams and other non-emergency problems. We often have requests for criminal record checks and we initiate the process.

4 volunteers standing on roadside

What do you enjoy about being an RCMP volunteer?

I also take part in bike and foot patrols. About three times a month a group of four head out for three hours cycling through the neighbourhoods. We might check for insurance decals or items left in cars. We leave cards on the windshield to remind people to take out their belonging to prevent break in’s. If we are on foot, we normally observe drivers and cell phone use. Again if we see them using a phone they will receive a letter to warn them about the behaviour.

I enjoy the people I get to meet and talk with from all ages. The volunteers can be retired like me, or young looking to enter a career in law enforcement. I also enjoy interacting with the members of my community and helping with ways to improve their neighbourhood.

Would you recommend becoming an RCMP volunteer to others and why?

Absolutely, especially for retired people as it gives them structure and purpose after so many years of working. I also recommend it if you enjoy talking to people and want to give back to your community. 


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