Crime Free Multi-Housing Program

The Mission Crime Free Multi-Housing Program is a direct and solution-oriented crime prevention initiative, designed specifically to help apartment owners, managers, residents, police and other significant agencies work together to help keep illegal and nuisance activity off rental property. The Program provides training in the deployment of effective property management techniques, effective use of Residential Tenancy Law, and encourages people to take personal interest in what goes on in their apartment community. By signing a lease addendum, the tenants agree that they will not engage in criminal behavior on the rental property. Contravention of this Addendum is grounds for eviction under the rules of the Residential Tenancy Act.


Training is available as part of the three key elements of Crime Free Multi-Housing, described in detail below. The workshop is designed for Property Owners, Property Managers and Resident Managers and is required to complete the Phase One requirement for the CFMH Program.

For further information about how you can bring the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program to your property in Mission, please contact Jamie Nokes at the Mission Crime Prevention Office, 604-820-2722.

Goals of the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program:

Three Key Elements of the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program:

Phase I - Management training: Beginning with an 8 hour workshop, managers are educated on how to effectively manage their properties and use present legislation to stop the spread of illegal and nuisance activity on rental property

Phase II - Property security assessment: Using Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, the apartment building and property is assessed by a Crime Free Coordinator and changes/improvements recommended. Apartments must meet minimum security requirements of the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program to become fully certified in the Program.

Phase III - Resident training: Beginning with a Safety Social residents learn to work with owners, managers, police and other residents to be eyes and ears for their apartment community. A meeting is held annually to re-certify the property.
Successful completion of these three phases results in an apartment community becoming fully certified in the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program. Regular friendly reviews and annual re-certification ensures that the certified apartment community continues to meet the requirements of the Program and ensure the crime prevention goal.

The Costs Of Criminal And Nuisance Activity On Rental Property:

The Crime Free Multi-Housing Program will teach you:

Prevention and Applicant Screening

Abatement of Criminal and Nuisance Behaviour

Resource Materials

To register, forward the following information:

Attention Jamie NOKES
Mission Crime Prevention Office
33131 First Avenue, Mission, BC V2V 1G5

Names will be collected and information provided regarding upcoming Crime Free Multi-Housing Phase I training programs.

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