Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT)

Crisis Negotiation is the art and science of using communication, persuasion, intelligence and special equipment to convince a subject he has more to gain and less to lose by ending an incident peacefully.

Police Negotiator uniform and a female and male crisis negotiator talking with headphone set on

Crisis Negotiators are trained to use active listening skills, understanding, caring, patience and persuasion. Negotiators do everything possible to preserve life in incredibly stressful and volatile situations.

Crisis Negotiators are activated by local Crisis Incident Commanders, and frequently work closely with the Emergency Response Team (ERT) and a select cadre of psychological consultants.

A typical Crisis Negotiation Team is comprised of:

Within the BC RCMP there are 4 Crisis Negotiator teams, one located in each district (Island District, North District, South East District, Lower Mainland District). Our team members have travelled by land, ocean and air as needed, and dedicate many hours to resolve dangerous and critical situations.

Primary calls for service include:

On average, Negotiators across BC RCMP respond to over 150 critical incident calls per year. The work can be very high stress, but is ultimately incredibly rewarding too. Negotiators make it their mission to help those in their darkest moments and frequently are directly responsible for saving lives.


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