BC RCMP’s Division Liaison Team - Helping groups facilitate safe demonstrations

The RCMP in British Columbia has created a liaison team responsible for outreach efforts to various groups, associations and communities. We wish to take this opportunity to introduce the Division Liaison Team (DLT) and explain our purpose and goals.

We understand that individuals and groups will continue to exercise their constitutional right to peacefully demonstrate. The RCMP is committed to ensuring the public’s right to exercise their fundamental freedom of peaceful assembly and association. Our primary goal is to continually ensure public safety.

The DLT was formed to build relationships with various interest groups and communities so that we may assist in facilitating a safe environment for everyone exercising their charter rights. It is the goal of the DLT to work with all groups that are planning and executing events so that they are able to fulfill their objectives in the safest manner for everyone.

Our DLT members are specially trained police officers who will be wearing full intervention equipment. Their uniform will consist of:


Photo of DLT uniform

We look forward to working with organizers and group representatives to discuss all available options to ensure the safety and success of your events. Please do not hesitate to contact the DLT to discuss further.

John W. Brewer,
Superintendent, Officer in Charge;
Enhanced Community and Aboriginal Policing Services


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