RCMP Victim Services in BC

Victim Service Programs are located within RCMP Detachments across British Columbia. These programs are integrated into frontline operations at detachments, working in partnership with police officers to provide critical services to victims and witnesses of crime and trauma.

Victims and survivors of crime have legal rights (information, protection, participation and restitution) under Victim Law, including the Canadian victim’s Bill of Rights and the BC Victims of Crime Act. Victim Services personnel can help to explain and provide information regarding those rights.

Victim Services is an integral component within the continuum of comprehensive policing services the RCMP delivers to the citizens we serve.

Victim service workers visiting a house and conforting hands

About Victim Services

Victim Services personnel offer assistance to victims and survivors of crime. They can answer questions about the Canadian criminal justice system and can help deal with the emotional, physical and financial effects of a crime. There are many services and programs available in local communities for victims.

Program Services

Crisis Intervention – Immediate crisis intervention and at-scene attendance.

Emotional Support – In person and over the phone to victims, witnesses and their family members.

Information – Information on the status of the police investigation, the justice system, and crime prevention.

Practical Assistance – Assistance with Safety Planning, in securing space in transition houses, and in filling out Crime Victim Assistance Forms, and Victim Impact Statements.

Referral – Information about, and referral to agencies that can assist victims of crime and trauma with counseling needs, grief support, housing needs, and much more.

Court Support – Information on the role of the various players of the justice system, the practicalities of testifying as a witness, and updates on court appearances.


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