2021 Report to the Community

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2021 Report to the Community

I am pleased to share with you the Surrey RCMP’s 2021 Report to the Community, which provides an overview of the Surrey RCMP’s response to public safety issues and crime trends in 2021.

The lessons around adaptability learned in 2020 helped us to face the many challenges in 2021. With new terms added to our vocabulary, from Omicron to heat domes, our police officers and support staff displayed tremendous flexibility and perseverance, continuing to drive down crime and provide excellent, responsive service to the community. This report details some of the individuals and units who have contributed to our collective goal of enhancing public safety in Surrey.

COVID-19 continued to present new challenges throughout 2021. The protocols developed by our Emergency and Operational Planning Unit (EOP) in 2020 proved to be essential when Omicron hit late in the year, and allowed us to shift resources to ensure core-policing operations were maintained across the city. The EOP provided essential support when several natural disasters and weather events hit, coordinating emergency assistance to affected staff, and readying the detachment to assist neighbouring jurisdictions.

Extensive work and planning continues by all parties involved in the ongoing Surrey policing transition. In November 2021, we welcomed the first deployment of Surrey Police Service (SPS) officers into our detachment. This marked the initial phase of the transition, where SPS officers will work alongside RCMP officers under the Surrey RCMP command. A transition of this magnitude is complex. I’ve been very impressed with the professionalism demonstrated by both SPS and RCMP officers during this initial deployment. We will continue to work with the SPS and all public safety partners to ensure a policing transition where public and police officer safety remains number one.

Reviewing the shift reports from the Frontline every day, there are a few key themes that stand out. The illicit drug trade continues to be a large driver of both violent and property crime. Drug addictions and mental health issues account for a significant number of the calls for service. Last year, our officers administered 144 doses of life-saving Naloxone to overdose victims, attended over 7,600 calls that involved a person suffering from a mental health crisis, and over 2,000 suicidal calls for service.

While our teams focus on both enforcement and intervention, these societal issues extend far beyond policing. The collaboration with both health and community partners is essential to help support individuals facing mental health, addictions issues and homelessness in our community. Outlined in the report is some of the proactive work by the Police Mental Health Outreach Team, Car 67, Surrey Gang Enforcement Team, and the integration of nursing staff into our Cell Block area to best support our vulnerable population. The innovative strategies demonstrated by these teams are considered a best practice and have been adopted in other jurisdictions.

In the myriad of files we attended in 2021, from the routine calls, to the dynamic major crime files or the tragic situations, what has stood out for me have been the countless acts of kindness and compassion displayed by our officers, employees, and by citizens of Surrey. Whether a small gesture or a life-saving action, these acts inspire me every day.

In 2021, Surrey RCMP celebrated a milestone anniversary, 70 years of service to the community. I want to thank each of you for your tremendous support, partnership and outstanding contributions to public safety in our city. It is truly my honour to serve as Surrey’s Officer-in-Charge.

Assistant Commissioner Brian Edwards
Officer in Charge, Surrey RCMP

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