Victim Services support for you

If you are a victim of crime there are services and resources available to help you deal with the emotional, physical and financial effects of a crime.

Victim Services programs are available to anyone who has been a victim of crime. These programs can provide you information about victim rights, emotional support, the criminal justice system, specific updates on your police file investigation and your court case, practical assistance completing Victim Impact Statements and Crime Victim Assistance Compensation Applications, as well as referral to additional resources.

Victim Services Worker and RCMP police officer speaking to man at a doorway.

Contact your local RCMP detachment or police department to speak to a victim service program worker. You may also access victim services by contacting VictimLINK, a 24-hour, British Columbia toll-free information (1-800-563-0808), support and referral line for victims. They are available to you to provide emotional support, help with recovery and reduce further victimization. They can also provide further information regarding your loved one, and information about the court process and offender(s) after an arrest has been made.

Victim Service workers can provide you a supportive ear and are equipped with information on grief and grieving, which you may find helpful. They will also be able to assist you in identifying additional support services you may wish to make use of, such as grief support services, counselling and more. Please do not feel you need to cope with grief alone. There are many services available to assist you during this extremely difficult time.

VictimLINK (1-800-563-0808)

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