Employee wellbeing

9-1-1 Police Dispatchers are not immune to psychological health problems and are perhaps more at risk working in a police environment. It is a reality throughout a Dispatchers career that they may hear things and deal with situations that most of us never want to experience.

The RCMP recognizes how important it is to look after the health and safety of all its employees and provides support including:

  1. Road to Mental Readiness: Mandatory RCMP training to develop a better understanding of mental health issues.
  2. Peer to Peer: Creates a single source of contact to link employees to the support they need whether it is a work related or a personal issue.
  3. Critical Incident Debriefing: A debriefing is offered to an employee involved in a psychologically traumatic incident and is experiencing a strong reaction.
  4. Employee Assistance Services: Health Canada’s program provides confidential counselling for employees and their families.
  5. Treatments covered by Health Care Benefits.
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