BC Highway Patrol teams up with Parks Canada in Yoho National Park

Golden-Field, BC Highway Patrol

2022-06-30 12:01 PDT

In early June, officials from Yoho National Park requested assistance from BC Highway Patrol Golden after a number of collisions with bears on Highway 1 east of Field, BC.

In order to reduce the number and severity of collisions with wildlife, including bears, Parks Canada, which manages the portion of Highway 1 that transverses Yoho National Park, established a no-stopping zone and a temporary speed limit reduction along a 10-kilometre portion of the highway east of Field, BC. The section of highway is popular with both black bears and grizzly bears at this time of year due to an abundance of high-value food sources found along the road. Unfortunately, this puts the bears at risk of contact with motor vehicles and often results in injury or death to the bears.

Grizzly bear on fence, white Grizzly bear crossing highway and Brown bear at roadside

During the week of June 13, 2022 BCHP Golden and Parks Canada officers conducted an enforcement and education campaign to alert motorists of the dangers of speeding through the park. Motorists were also advised to never stop alongside the road to watch bears or get out of their vehicle and approach any bear. Under no circumstances should anyone attempt to feed bears or any wildlife, as this may habituate the animal to humans, putting the animals at risk.

During the enforcement campaign, 80 violation tickets were issued for speed-related offences and four vehicles were impounded. One individual was served a ticket for operating a drone in a National Park.

Driving through any of Canada’s National Parks allows motorists to see all types of wildlife, says Cpl. Mike Halskov, Media Relations Officer for BCHP. By slowing down, drivers reduce the risk and severity of a collision with wildlife, including bears. If you are involved in a collision with wildlife in a National Park, remain in your vehicle if at all possible. In the case of a collision with a bear, where there is one, there may be more…and not just the animal variety!

BC Highway Patrol works closely with its partners in road safety, including Parks Canada and the motoring public, to make our highway safer together.

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