SPS-RCMP Human Resources Strategy and Plan


Purpose and Scope

The Human Resources (HR) Strategy and Plan will guide the continuing implementation of the first phase of the transition of policing services in Surrey from the RCMP to Surrey Police Service (SPS).

Phase 1 of the transition sees the integration of SPS officers in the Surrey RCMP Municipal Police Unit, under the command of the RCMP, and the gradual demobilization of RCMP members out of the Surrey RCMP Municipal Police Unit.

This plan covers the expected numbers and cadence for deployments and demobilizations until the end of May 2023, as well as the required recruitment and HR processes. The duration covered by the Plan may be extended if required. The plan does not cover future phases of the transition or how responsibilities may handover from the RCMP to the SPS (phase 2).

Plan Development

The HR Strategy and Plan was developed collaboratively by the RCMP, SPS, and the three levels of government, with the endorsement of the Surrey Policing Transition Trilateral Committee (SPTTC).
The plan was developed based on considerations raised by all parties and reflects agreements on specific aspects of the phase 1 implementation of the transition based on extensive collaboration.

A number of other factors were taken into account including: Coordinating SPS and RCMP Human Resource practices and operational and administrative policies, SPS training and recruitment plans, financial considerations, and accommodating SPS officers with facilities, equipment, communications, and information management/IT to ensure a safe and orderly deployment.

Above all, the maintenance of consistent policing service levels, a smooth transition and the preservation of public and officer safety were the predominant considerations.

Deployment of SPS Officers

The plan outlines the deployment of SPS officers every two months, commencing in March 2022. The SPTTC target of 175 SPS officers deployed in 2022 is expected to be achieved by the first week of January 2023, with a total of 295 SPS officers deployed by the first week of May 2023. At this point deployment does not include senior ranks above Sergeants, however work to determine the timing and inclusion of senior ranks in the deployment schedule is being prioritized.


















# SPS Officers Deployed












*March and May 2023 numbers are extrapolated based on 2022 deployment target.

The public can expect to see an increased presence of SPS officers, who will be assigned into positions in the Surrey RCMP as follows:

Demobilization of RCMP Members

Surrey RCMP will be maintaining a detachment strength of 734 police officers, including both RCMP members and SPS officers.

RCMP demobilization is informed by a number of factors. Key metrics have been identified to guide RCMP demobilization and to ensure a combined RCMP member and SPS officer resource level, is maintained. The number of RCMP members transferring out at any given time will be determined after confirmation of SPS recruitment, deployments, and other staffing-related attrition from both organizations.

The RCMP intends to retain its members and will be working to ensure members transferring out of Surrey are posting to another career opportunity that considers their individual circumstances and aligns with their career preferences.

Based on current attrition and deployment plans, it is estimated that the RCMP will redeploy between 175 – 195 police officers to other RCMP postings through to May 2023.

Next Steps

The HR Strategy and Plan is an important step in the implementation of phase 1 of Surrey’s policing transition. While every effort has been made to confirm all aspects of deployment and demobilization that will be undertaken until May 2023, further revisions to the HR Plan will likely be required as new information is confirmed.

With the implementation of the HR Plan, the planning will continue on several important elements to advance transition, including:

This work will determine next steps in the transition process beyond May 2023.

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