Surrey Policing Transition

In 2018 the City of Surrey exercised its authority under the BC Police Act and began the process to establish a municipal police service. The transition of police services is a long and complex process, particularly for a detachment the size of Surrey.

At this time, the RCMP continues to maintain responsibility for policing in Surrey. Public safety remains our top priority. Surrey RCMP will continue to manage police operations as the police force of jurisdiction in Surrey until such time as the Municipal Police Unit Agreement has been terminated or replaced with another agreement.

Learn more about the Surrey RCMP Governance and Accountability.

Surrey Policing Transition Trilateral Committee (SPTTC)
The SPTTC is responsible for determining how the policing transition will take place. Established in 2020, the SPTTC is supporting the development and implementation of a phased, integrated transition process. The SPTTC is made up of senior representatives from three levels of government: federal, provincial and municipal. In addition, the SPTTC is supported by working groups consisting of subject matter experts on a variety of details related to the policing transition.

The shared mandate of the SPTTC partners is to support the orderly efficient and timely transition of policing services from RCMP, pursuant to Canada-BC Municipal Policing Services Agreement, to an independent Surrey Police Service operating under BC statutes.

Initial Phase of SPS Deployment
The first group Surrey Police Services officers will be assigned to positions within the Surrey RCMP starting at the end of November 2021. These officers will mainly support frontline operations and will fall under the command of the Surrey RCMP, as the police agency of jurisdiction.

The RCMP and SPS are building a collaborative human resources strategy to ensure the coordination and deployment of SPS officers alongside Surrey RCMP officers. As additional details are confirmed, more information will be shared.


Who do I contact if I need the police in Surrey?
The Surrey RCMP remains the police force of jurisdiction in Surrey. To report crime or suspicious activity call the Surrey RCMP non-emergency at 604-599-0502 (911 in an emergency). You can also report some less serious crime types online:

Who will show up when police are called in Surrey?
When the public calls for police service in Surrey, they may see an officer from the Surrey RCMP or the Surrey Police Service (or both) show up to assist them. Surrey RCMP will dispatch the officer that is closest/available to their location.

What types of police vehicles will the public see?
Marked cars will continue to be RCMP branded police vehicles. Surrey RCMP also have a number of unmarked vehicles in their fleet.

Who is in charge of policing in Surrey?
The Officer in Charge of the Surrey RCMP, Assistant Commissioner Brian Edwards, continues to be in command and oversee all operational policing matters.

Where can I attend a police station in Surrey for criminal records checks etc?
All contact information and locations of police stations remain the same. You can attend the Surrey RCMP Main Detachment or District Offices for service. See locations/hours.

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