2018-2022 Strategic Framework

The Surrey RCMP’s Strategic Framework establishes the direction of the organization over a five-year period. It lays the groundwork for a long-term planning approach that aligns detachment activities and deployment of resources with key policing priorities identified by our clients, partners and stakeholders.

Throughout 2017, the Surrey RCMP invited residents and business owners to share their input on policing priorities through an online survey, CitySpeaks, and idea boards at community events. We also conducted a review and analysis of recent trends in crime and public safety to help inform this plan. The feedback and research gathered helped to inform our 2018-2022 Strategic Framework.

The Framework also builds on our mission, vision and values, and aligns with the City of Surrey’s Sustainability Charter and Public Safety Strategy, as well as the BC RCMP’s Policing Priorities.

The Surrey RCMP is committed to consultation and attends meetings on a regular basis to hear community input. By working in partnership with the City of Surrey and community stakeholders, and focusing on strategic priorities and objectives, the Surrey RCMP is determined to provide the best quality policing services available as we work toward our goal of Safe Homes, Safe Communities.

Strategic Priorities
Our 2018-2022 Strategic Framework includes four policing priorities that will focus our efforts on the areas of public safety that will help us continue to improve the safety and liveability of the City of Surrey.

  1. Crime Reduction & Community Safety
  2. Community Engagement & Mobilization
  3. Organizational Performance & Continuous Improvement
  4. Employee Wellness
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