Block Watch

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Block Watch is a proactive program that encourages neighbours to join with other neighbours in reducing the likelihood of residential and property crime in their neighbourhoods. Concerned citizens work together to prevent crime in their communities. Neighbours meet over a common goal: making their neighbourhoods a safer place to live and play. Be an active citizen and help to reduce crime in your neighbourhood.

Become a Block Watch Member. A Break and Enter can be prevented if criminals know that there are watchful neighbours!

The Role of a Block Watch Member: 

The Role of a Block Watch Captain and Co-Captain

The Captain and Co-Captain share the responsibility of managing the Block Watch Program in their neighbourhood. They serve as the communication link between their neighbourhood Block Watch participants and the Crime Prevention Office (CPO). The role of Captain and Co-Captain is not time consuming or labour intensive.

If you are interested in starting up a Block Watch group in your neighborhood, you must follow these six steps:

  1. Speak with the residents on your block and find out if they are interested in participating in the program
  2. Each group must have a Captain. Decide if you or someone one your block would be willing to be the leader or Captain of your Block Watch. As a leader, you will meet with the Block Watch coordinator for trainging. The meeting is approximately 90 minutes in length, and is designed to give prospective Block Watch group leaders a more detailed idea of what their duties as a Captain would be and how to organize their block. Please call and register at least one week in advance. A criminal record check is required of all of our Captains and Co-Captains and you will be given the form to fill out at the meeting. You need only attend one session.
  3. After the Captains training session, you will canvass your neighborhood and decide amongst yourselves when and where your first annual group meeting will be held. As there will be a representative from the Block Watch office attending your first meeting, you will have to agree with the Block Watch office upon a date at least two weeks in advance. Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings are usually best. It is up to you to decide where you would like to hold the meeting. Some Captains have them in their homes, but if you have a large group, you may wish to check for available space at local community hall or school. Engravers will be made available for a two week period so that participants can label their valuables.
  4. A list of all participants (including names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses) must be prepared by the Captain and submitted either at the meeting or within a week or two following.
  5. Once the contact list has been submitted, all participants will be entered into our files and window stickers will be supplied for participants. At this time a Block Watch sign will be installed by the District of Mission.
  6. Block Watch Captains will be required to pick up and distribute Newsletter (quarterly) and fan out information as required. Also an annual meeting of block members is to be held.

Remember - Getting involved and staying involved is the key to a successful Block Watch group and a safer community.

Want more information or interested in bringing Block Watch to your neighbourhood?

To get started, contact us at (604) 820-2722, or stop by the Mission Crime Prevention Office located at 33131 1st Ave, Mission, BC.

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