Victim Services

Victim Services

Phone: 604-599-7600


Victim Services provides victims and witnesses of a crime or traumatic event with information and emotional support through coordinated and supportive Victim community and Criminal Justice System networks. Victim Services personnel are committed to providing services in a professional and sensitive manner, while adhering to all mandated policies, guidelines and procedures.

Help for Victims of Crime

We often think of crime as something that happens to other people. We do not expect to be affected by crime, so when a crime occurs that affects us, we are often unsure what help is available.

Victims are able to receive information and relevant services pertaining to the crime that has affected them. Victims will be treated with courtesy, compassion and respect.

Information will be provided to victims about their participation in criminal proceedings and appropriate assistance provided throughout the criminal justice system process.

What help can you expect from Victim Services

Support - Victim Services will listen and provide emotional support to help you through the crime or trauma you have experienced. Victim Services may use the assistance of Accredited Facility Dog Cambria, who works alongside a Victim Services Caseworker to assist victims and witnesses of crime and trauma.

Information - Victim Services will provide a link between victims and the criminal justice system to help you obtain the services and information you need.

Referrals - You may need legal advice, counselling, financial assistance or other services. Victim Services can provide resource information regarding appropriate government or community agencies.

Assistance - If your case goes to court, Victim Services will work with the Crown Prosecutor’s office and the police to answer your questions, help prepare you for court and ensure that you are informed about court dates and the results of the proceedings.

Contact information

Phone: 604-599-7600

Surrey RCMP Victim Services is available by phone 7 days a week including weekends and holidays.

At scene assistance is available seven days a week. Victim Service personnel assist victims at the scene of a crime or traumatic event when requested to do so by an attending police officer.

Victims of Crime Act

If you are a victim of crime, British Columbia’s Victims of Crime Act gives you the right to receive information about:

Protection Orders

A Peace Bond is a protection order made by a court under section 810 of the Criminal Code. It is used where an individual (the defendant) appears likely to commit a criminal offence, but there are no reasonable grounds to believe that an offence has actually been committed.

A Family Law Protection Order, formerly called a Restraining Order, is a court order under the Family Law Act to protect someone from violence.

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