About the RCMP/Role of Police

The RCMP is Canada's national police service, and in BC also acts as the police force of jurisdiction for many towns and cities. The RCMP is committed to cultural sensitivity, and unbiased and respectful treatment of all people. The RCMP is responsible for:

  • preventing and investigating crime;
  • maintaining peace and order;
  • enforcing laws; contributing to national security;

Specifically, the RCMP can help in situations such as:

  • Investigating a break-in to a home.
  • Assisting with traffic safety if there is a vehicle collision.
  • Locating a missing person.
  • Offering crime prevention information to prevent further crimes.
  • Participating in community festivals and conducting traffic control at special events.

RCMP badge


Police officers work in different roles such as general duty patrols, traffic services and specialized investigative services. They can be dressed in various ways, such as:

  • Regular Uniform – worn by general duty officers, traffic services, and community policing officers
  • Red or Blue Serge – worn mainly for special events or ceremonial purposes. The iconic red serge is the uniform recognized around the world as a symbol of Canada.
  • Plain Clothing - specialized teams can be dressed in business attire or casual clothing depending on roles.
If you are unsure if someone is a police officer, you can ask to see their police identification card or badge. You can also call your local police office to verify the information.  
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