Business Watch - Crime Map – June 2020

Business Watch is a partnership between local Burnaby business communities, the City of Burnaby, and the RCMP.

Our goal is to provide tools and resources to help reduce business-related crime. These maps reflect crime trends in the business community. When incidents are reported to police the information is used to deploy resources strategically, identify crime hot spots, and analyze trends and patterns.
The maps are provided as a tool to promote awareness and crime reduction throughout the business communities. Check out the Business Watch website for more information (External link, opens in a new window

Map of Break and Enters to Businesses and Auto Crimes – June 2020

North Burnaby - Districts One and Two:

Willingdon Heights

Lougheed Highway/ Still Creek Area

Residential Pocket Between Kensington and Squint Lake

South Burnaby - Districts Three and Four:

Apartment Undergrounds in the Southridge /Southpoint Pocket

Boundary/ Moscrop

Along Marine Way

Store Layout and Crime Prevention
Crime Prevention through Environmental Design is a criminology evidence-based theoretical set of principles where proper design, effective use, and maintenance/management of human-made and natural environments can lead to a reduction in the incidence and fear of crime. One of the principles is natural surveillance. This is where we would place physical features, land uses, activities, and people to maximize visibility. Consider your store layout as part of a crime prevention approach:

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