Spike in vehicle thefts and attempted thefts over weekend

Grand Forks,

2024-04-29 11:16 HAP

Dossier nº Grand Forks RCMP File 2024: 951; 971; 979; 980; 983

Over the past week, Grand Forks RCMP responded to several complaints of either a theft of vehicle or vehicles that were broken into, mostly from the Riverside Drive area. Residents are being reminded of some basic safety tips to help ensure they do not become a victim.

The first was on April 25, 2024 10:00 AM where it was reported that a 2011 Chevy Camaro was taken from a residence on the 7100 block of Riverside Drive. The theft likely occurred several days prior, but just noticed by the homeowner. This vehicle was shortly recovered by the pullout at Highway 3 and Nursey Road where it was abandoned. This matter is still under investigation.

On April 27 at 9:30 AM, a report was received from a homeowner on the 6000 block of Nursery Road advising that keys to their side by side were taken and the actual side by side was moved, but left on the property.

Sunday morning, April 28th brought in 3 early morning complaints of a theft of vehicle and attempted theft from vehicles. The first was at 630 in the morning where the owner noticed that their dark blue 2013 Dodge Caravan was taken from their residence on 85th Ave and Riverside Drive. This vehicle has not yet been recovered. Just past 8 AM, another report from the 8000 block of Riverside Drive where a vehicle was accessed and rummaged through, but nothing taken and no damage occurred. The next report was at 1130 AM on 78th Ave off Riverside Drive where another vehicle was accessed and gone through, but thankfully again, nothing was taken and no damage.

A spike in thefts like this is thankfully uncommon in our community but will happen from time to time, stated Detachment Commander Sergeant Darryl Peppler. Often it’s the work of one person who goes out and hits several places in one area.

Homeowners can take steps to minimize even negate becoming a victim. First, ensure your vehicles are locked up and valuables are removed. Thieves often look for easy targets, and an unlocked vehicle is just that. Security lights around your house are also a great deterrent as its easy to hide in the dark, but not the light. Having security cameras, both that are seen and hidden with camera signs on your property also serve not just as a deterrent, but obtaining an image of the suspect will greatly aid the police in identifying them. Keep your landscaping of trees and bushes neat and tidy. Overgrown shrubs and bushes can conceal a person hiding or obstruct your or your neighbors view from seeing someone. These are just a few tips that can prevent or deter would be thieves.

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