Salmon Arm RCMP December 13 to December 27 2023, Calls for service: 268

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2023-12-27 16:17 HNP

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File 2023-7735

On December 14 at 3am a Canada Post employee reported that an unsheltered man appeared to be sleeping inside the post office. The man had propped open the door to the Canada Post building to defecate outside on the sidewalk. The employee shut the door while the man was outside, and moved the man’s belongings outside. The unsheltered man moved along prior to police attendance.


File 2023-7739

On December 14 a woman reported that she had clicked on a crypto currency investing ad on Google that requested her name, email address and phone number. The woman was then contacted by a person that claimed to be a senior crypto-investing agent, who groomed the woman through conversation on WhatsApp into transferring $80 000 to their website. The money appeared to be transferred to a cryptocurrency exchange, converted into Bitcoin, and then transferred to the fraudster. The complainant added that she allowed the investing agent access her computer remotely, which allowed the fraudster access to her computer and personal information. The file remains under further investigation.

File 2023-7818

On December 18 a store employee reported he received a phone call from someone claiming to be from the brand’s head office. The fraudster claimed that the store manager had ordered supplies but the payment was declined. The fraudster knew the store manager’s name, and some intricacies about the store brand. The fraudster requested the employee make payment and he would later be reimbursed. The employee followed ordered and transferred $1800 to what appeared to be a Mexican bank account. When the employee followed up with the store manager, he discovered there was no order.

Salmon arm RCMP do not recommend sending e-transfers or money transfers to anyone you don’t know. Once an e-transfer is accepted by the recipient, it cannot be reversed.

Encampment removed

File 2023-7742

On December 14 Salmon Arm RCMP assisted the City of Salmon Arm with the dismantlement of the encampment in the 300 block of Narcisse St NW. This was a planned event, with persons camping in the area being provided over two weeks notice that the encampment would be removed. The disassembly coincided with the opening of the nearby Marshlands shelter on December 12. When police arrived, there were only two tents with occupants remaining. Area fully vacated with no issues.


File 2023-7747

On December 14 at 4pm a man in his 60’s called 911 and was rambling nonsense when the dispatched was able to speak with a woman, also in her 60’s, who stated there were no issues and police were not required. The man continued to ramble that the woman had pulled a gun on him. Police attended the residence and spoke with the man who was intoxicated, and admitted to fabricating the story about the gun. The intoxicated man then accused the woman of being a madam and suspected her of having numerous boyfriends for profit. The woman explained the man was upset being she wouldn’t let him use her computer, which started the infidelity allegations. The man eventually agreed to sober up at local hotel to avoid further confrontations with the woman that evening.


File 2023-7753

On December 14 at 8pm a woman reported that her roommate stole her cutlery seven years ago and that if she had a gun she would shoot him. Police attended and cautioned the woman that making further threats would result in her being arrested and charged with uttering threats. The woman had no evidence of the theft. Eventually it came to light the woman wanted to evict the male roommate. The woman was advised to consult Residential Tenancy Branch, as the police do not evict tenants.

File 2023-7783

On December 16 at 9am a woman reported that someone overnight had snuck into her backyard and stole about 1000 beer cans in large plastic bags. CCTV footage captured the man entering the backyard around 2am. Police attended the local bottle deport and were asked to advise police if someone with matching clothing, or someone attempts to return a similar quantity of that brand of beer cans. Later that day bottle depot employees contacted police that a suspect was on scene. Police attended spoke with the suspect who admitted to stealing the cans as he is homeless. The complainant showed up, reclaimed their cans back (but did not return them for a refund), and gave the homeless man a small gift of cash.

File 2023-7834

On December 19 a woman reported her purse was stolen from inside her vehicle while parked near Ross St NE and Hudson Ave NE. The purse was white and cream in colour with a gold buckle. Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact Salmon Arm RCMP, please reference Salmon Arm RCMP file 2023-7834.

Cannabis in the air

File 2023-7769

On December 15 a woman reported she believed there was a grow operation in the neighbourhood in Blind Bay because she could smell an odour of cannabis in the air. Police explained that legislation allowed for up to four plants to be grown at one residence, or there could be a licenced grow operation in the area. Police asked the woman to take note of the direction of the wind next time she smells the odour. No other reports of excessive cannabis odours in the area. File remains under further investigation.

Stolen truck recovered

File 2023-7781

On December 16 at 7am Salmon Arm RCMP were advised by a man that his company truck had been stolen in Hope, BC, and his live tracking was showing it moving in the White Lake area. Multiple member attendance for vehicle containment and spike belt set up on White Lake Rd. The driver pulled over and was arrested without incident. The driver was charged with possession of property obtained by crime over $5000, transported to Salmon Arm detachment, and released with a future court date. The truck was returned to a company representative.

Found property

File 2023-7878

On December 18 Salmon Arm RCMP seized a gas-powered drill. Owner may claim with detailed description within 90 days. Please reference Salmon Arm RCMP file 2023-7878.

Assault with a weapon

File 2023-7830

On December 19 at 10am a store employee caught a woman stealing about $350 worth of groceries. The employee told the woman to stop. The woman reached into her pocket and grabbed a wrench and struck the employee several times in the leg with the wrench and then left the area. Police located the woman nearby and arrested her for assault with a weapon. Several weapon-like items seized from the woman, who was then released with a future court date.

File 2023-7850

On December 20 at 11pm a woman reported that her husband was intoxicated, had a firearm, and had threatened her adult son in the 2000 block of Hwy 97B, Salmon Arm. The woman then reported she had heard shots fired in their garage. Multiple member attendance resulted in the man being arrested without incident, and a firearm seized. The man was held overnight to sober up, and released the next day on numerous conditions and a future court date.

Impaired driving

File 2023-7890

On December 21 at 3pm Salmon Arm RCMP stopped a red Suzuki XL7 SUV for speeding and failing to stop at a stop sign. The female driver was identified as being prohibited from driving, and the vehicle had no insurance. The driver was further noted to have slurred speech. A roadside alcohol screening device demand was given where the driver initially blew a fail. A second test was offered an accepted where the driver then blew a warn. The lower of the two tests prevail and the driver was issued a 3-day immediate driving prohibition, a notice of driving prohibition, a violation ticket for no insurance in the amount of $598, and future court date to speak to the allegations of driving while prohibited. The vehicle was also impounded.

File 2023-946

On December 24 at 3am Salmon Arm RCMP were dealing with an unrelated matter when they heard a loud commotion of scraping and skidding nearby. One member attended and located a Volkswagen SUV with airbags deployed and a front tire almost completed off the rim. Driver was identified and police conducted a roadside alcohol screening device demand was given where the driver blew a fail. A second test was offered an accepted where the driver then blew a fail again. The driver was issued an immediate roadside driving prohibition for 90 days, and the vehicle was impounded for the mandatory minimum 30 days. The matter was further referred to ICBC.

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