BCHP Unit Commander asks motorists to please, slow down…

Columbia Valley, Golden-Field, Patrouille routière de la C.-B.

2021-08-11 08:00 HAP

...if not for your own safety, then for that of other innocent motorists. This plea comes on the heels of 25 Excessive Speed investigations in the 21 days between July 20th to August 10th on Highway 1 east of Golden, Highway 95 south of Golden and Highway 93 South from the Alberta border to the Columbia Valley. Of those, 11 vehicles were stopped for exceeding the posted speed limit by 60 km/h or more.

motorcycle being loaded onto tow truck, police radar set shows 176

Speeding is the leading cause of fatal collisions in BC, accounting for 81 deaths*, according to provincial data, and these crashes are preventable when speeds are reduced.

The risk of injury or death to yourself, passengers and other motorists if involved in a crash is significantly reduced when drivers observe posted speed limits, says Sergeant Brad Matchett, Unit Commander of BC Highway Patrol in Golden. We cringe at the sight of vehicles traveling significantly over the speed limit, as we have seen the outcome of the collisions that may result from this irresponsible driving behaviour too many times. We implore those who engage in this behaviour to please slow down, if not for your own safety, then for that of your fellow motorists.

Fines for excessive speed in BC start at $368 and three penalty points for exceeding the speed limit by more than 40 km/h. In addition, the vehicle will be impounded for 7 days for a first offence, with the owner paying all towing and storage costs. If a driver is assessed too many penalty points in one year, they may be subject to a Driver Risk Premium, higher insurance costs and a possible prohibition from driving. Click link for more information: Excessive Speed & Vehicle Impoundment.

The mandate of BC Highway Patrol is to focus enforcement on those driving behaviours which cause serious injury and fatal collisions on BC’s highways (in order):

• High Risk Driving (including speeding)
• Distracted Driving
• Impaired driving by alcohol, drugs or medication
• Intersection Infractions
• Unbelted Occupants

Please drive safely as you travel through our beautiful province.

(*ICBC 5-year average 2015-2019)

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