Lock out auto crime

Vernon North Okanagan

2024-04-04 12:16 PDT

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The Vernon North Okanagan RCMP is encouraging residents to help prevent auto crime in the community by taking steps to secure their property and vehicles.

In 2023, over 500 thefts from vehicles were reported to the Vernon North Okanagan RCMP.  These were in addition to the 315 reported thefts of vehicles. Overall, auto crime numbers were down from the previous year, but they continue to be one of our highest reported property crime types.

The Bait Car program, #9PMRoutine, and Lock-Out Auto Crime are proactive initiatives police use to combat auto crime but reducing the instances of auto crime has to be joint effort and vehicle owners are encouraged to take necessary precautions to safeguard their property.

Having your property stolen or dealing with stolen vehicle can be incredibly frustrating, states Constable Chris Terleski, Media Relations Officer for the Vernon North Okanagan RCMP. The number one thing owners can do to help is remove the opportunity. Thieves are looking for an easy target. If they see something of value, there’s a chance they’ll break in to get it. If you’re door is unlocked, there’s a good chance they’ll go in and rummage around to see what they can find. A locked, empty vehicle isn’t attractive and they’re going to pass and find something easier or more enticing.

To help reduce your chances of being victimized, make these security steps a daily habit:

Additionally, we also encourage the community to report any suspicious activity promptly and directly to police, adds Terleski. Working together we can effectively reduce auto crime and enhance community safety.

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