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Salmon Arm

2024-03-22 15:34 PDT

Salmon Arm RCMP March 6 to March 19 2024, Calls for service: 327

The purpose of the Crime Chronicle is to educate and inform the public about some of the crime trends occurring in Salmon Arm and other files of interest.

March 6

11th Ave NE: A 35-year-old woman attended a local liquor store and took two bottles of whiskey, placing one inside her jacket. The woman attempted to pay for one bottle, but her bank card declined. The woman left the store with one unpaid for bottle of whiskey. The woman returned shortly after looking for her phone, and stole a bottle of vodka without any attempt to pay. The incident was caught on video surveillance, and police have identified the alleged offender. The incident has been submitted to BC Prosecution for charge assessment.

March 7

Centenoka Mall: A woman reported than a 25-year-old man had entered the men’s bathroom and discovered a 44-year-old man doing drugs and was subsequently assaulted. Police attended and the 44-year-old man alleged that he was drying his clothes when the 25-year-old slammed the door open and told him to get out. Further words were exchanged that led to punches. The 25-year-old alleged that the older man punched him first. The fight continued on and an unknown elderly man was observed kicking the 44-year-old once then walking away. The file remains under further investigation.

10th St SW: At 11:30pm Salmon Arm RCMP were on patrol and observed a Jeep drifting right as it travelled southbound on 10th Street SW. A traffic stop was conducted, the driver admitted to having consumed alcohol around lunchtime, but not since then. Police conducted an approved screening device demand, where the driver blew a fail. The driver was given the opportunity to provide a second sample, and again blew a fail. The driver was prohibited from driving for 90 days, his Jeep was impounded for 30 days. The matter was referred to ICBC.

March 8

1200 block Trans Canada Hwy: Salmon Arm RCMP were on patrol and observed a 40-year-old man known to them, to be on conditions to not be within 100 metres of a business. Police observed the man walking on the sidewalk in front of that business in breach of his release order condition. Police stopped and active their emergency lights. The 40-year-old man then ran across the highway, fell into a ditch, then continued running. The attending member gave chase on foot advising the man he was under arrest. After a brief foot pursuit police caught up to the man, took him to ground, and placed him in handcuffs. The man was subsequently released with a future court date. Charges of fail to comply with order, and resist arrest have been approved against Aaron Baer.

16th Ave NE: Salmon Arm RCMP were on patrol and observed a 40-year-old man attempting to hide in the driver’s seat of a vehicle parked a known problem residence. Police pulled in to speak with the man, who claimed he was laying down while talked to him mom on the phone. The member observed the ignition was punched out, and the licence plate was clearly altered. The man provided a name and claimed he was from Vancouver Island then tried to walk away. Police detained the man while they looked further into the matter. Police determined the vehicle was not stolen, but had no insurance and was no registered to the man in front of them. Police then located identification for the man on him, which showed a different name than he provided. It was then discovered the man had warrants out of Nanaimo and Elk Valley, and was in breach of his probation order condition to not enter a motor vehicle. The man was arrested and held for a bail hearing, where he was subsequently released on conditions by a justice of the peace. One count of fail to comply with probation order was approved against Brendan Treacy.

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