“Think of Me” returns

Armstrong, Vernon North Okanagan

2024-03-14 11:30 PDT

photo of police car, polie officers, and students

Elementary students in Armstrong joined local RCMP officers out on the road in support of the Think of Me campaign this week.

Think of Me is a collaborative initiative between police and youth in the community that underscores the importance of road safety and aims to leave a lasting impression on drivers and kids.

This year, officers from the Vernon North Okanagan RCMP teamed up with students from Highland Park Elementary to launch the campaign in Armstrong. Students participating in the program learned about various road safety topics from officers over the past several weeks. From these lessons, students applied what they learned to create special Think of Me artwork, or tickets that would be handed out as a reminder to drivers to slow down and pay attention in and around school zones.

photo of officer and child with radar gun photo of child handing paper ticket to driver

On Tuesday, March 12th, students joined officers at a speed check on Wood Avenue in Armstrong to deliver their messages to drivers in person.

This is the second time around for the program in our area and again it’s a huge success, states Corporal Ted Bowen of the Vernon North Okanagan RCMP. Road safety is about influencing drivers to adopt safer habits on the road and prioritize the safety of those around them, especially in areas where children are present. We believe it has a more lasting effect when we can do that in a positive way.

The program also helps foster a sense of responsibility and awareness about road safety issues in younger generations.

They engage in interactive activity to learn about road safety in a fun and memorable way that leaves a lasting impression on them, adds Cpl Bowen. One day, when they’re out on the road, hopefully they can reflect on the experience and apply the lessons they’ve learned.

The Vernon North Okanagan RCMP want to send a huge thank-you to the students, staff and families of Highland Park Elementary School for taking part in this project!

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