Fraud prevention: avoiding tax scams

Vernon North Okanagan

2024-03-11 14:06 PDT

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March is fraud prevention month and with tax time approaching, police are reminding the public to stay vigilant and be on the lookout for money scams and other tax related fraud schemes.

Fraudsters typically exploit this time of year and will try a variety of tactics to trick people into giving up their money and/or personal information. One of the most common is the Canada Revenue Agency, or CRA scam.

The scam has many different forms but the goal is to steal money or identity information from the victim. It usually starts with an unsolicited email, phone call, or text message to the victim claiming the victim owes taxes, has committed a tax-relate offense, or the agency requires additional information. The scammer tries to pressure or scare the victim threatening legal action or arrest if the victim doesn’t comply with demands for immediate payment or disclosure of personal information.

This is one of the more common scams we see in the lead up to and during tax season, states Constable Chris Terleski, Media Relations Officer for the Vernon North Okanagan RCMP. They’re trying to scare you into making a fast, emotional decision. The best thing you can do is hang up and not reply to any of the messages. Education and awareness are key. Staying informed about common scam tactics and educating others is the best way to look after each other and protect our community from financial harm.

To protect yourself from tax related scams, remember the following tips:

Be cautious with personal information
Verify Communications
Watch out for phishing attempts
Stay informed
Report suspicious activity

Additional information on fraud prevention can be found by visiting the BC RCMP Website, or the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre here.


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