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2023-12-30 15:09 PST

Welcome to the Ashcroft RCMP Blog.

Through this blog, we are hoping to keep the Ashcroft, Cache Creek, and surrounding communities more informed about our ongoing efforts to serve you all. It will be available through local media outlets as well as through the Ashcroft RCMP Media Website, which can be accessed here.

Recent files of note

Christmas Day rollover

On December 25th, Ashcroft RCMP were called to Highway 97, north of Highway 99, where a family of five had rolled over and entered the ditch. The exact cause of the collision is unknown at this time, as the roadway wasn’t slick, impairment wasn’t believed to be a factor, and there was very little physical evidence at the scene that would indicate what conditions had been present to cause the incident. The vehicle was heavily damaged and one elderly family member was taken to hospital for unknown, but likely serious injuries.

An icy morning leads to a double rollover

On December 14th, Ashcroft RCMP responded to a suspected three-vehicle collision on Highway 97C, south of Ashcroft. When members arrived at the scene, two vehicles were in ditches on opposite sides of the road from each other. It became apparent that the icy road surface had been a major factor in both vehicles losing traction on the roadway, both entering their respective ditches, but narrowly missing the other. A third vehicle kept control on the roadway and received minor damage. No major injuries were reported.

Theft leads to an arrest

On December 28th, a theft was reported in the Cache Creek area where tools had been stolen from the bed of a pickup truck overnight. A suspect was identified from the available CCTV footage and, within the hour, the tools were recovered and the suspect was in custody. As a bonus, the suspect also had a warrant for their arrest and they have now been remanded until the New Year to await a hearing. As a note to businesses, it really helps police when you have installed a CCTV system and have put thought into security lighting to illuminate the CCTV footage. This investigation is proof of that!

Thought of the day

Thinking ahead and planning a safe ride home for after your New Years festivities can be the difference between starting the New year out well or starting with a worse hangover than any alcohol could ever provide you.

Operating a motor vehicle impaired after consuming alcohol (or drugs, for that matter) is a danger to not only yourself, but to everyone with you, everyone that happens to be driving or walking by you… just – everyone.

If I may present you with a hypothetical situation:

You are driving your best friend home after having several drinks at the bar together. You feel fine (FYI – alcohol has been proven to bolster your sense of personal ability) and believe that you are able to drive home safely. A family of five with three young children is driving alongside you. Something unexpected happens and you lose control of your vehicle - it could be anything: impairment/ice/an animal running across the road - and you can’t react in time to prevent a collision. Your vehicle strikes the vehicle carrying the family of five before hitting the roadside ditch and rolling over. People are hurt, possibly dead. A mother. A father. Children. You. Someone you care about.

Then the police come.

While your head is reeling from the realization of what has happened and swimming from your impairment, the investigation begins. Breath samples are taken. A police officer reads you something. A lawyer says something to you. Your driving license is gone. Your vehicle is impounded. People are asking you about what happened because, let’s face it, we live in a small town and everyone is aware of what is going on.

Is it worth it?

Why not arrange for one of the following alternatives:

Have fun and get home safe,

Cst. Richard Wright
Ashcroft RCMP

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