BC Highway Patrol – Cranbrook stop dangerous driver traveling at 197 KM/H – More than double the speed limit

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2023-10-12 07:39 PDT

Members of BC Highway Patrol – Cranbrook spent the Thanksgiving weekend patrolling throughout the East Kootenays as part of a Province-wide campaign to target speed relative to conditions and were thankful no serious incidents occurred on our local highways. Perhaps officers impounding seven vehicles due to aggressive and dangerous driving helped keep the roads safe.

The worst example occurred on Sunday, October 8th when officers were patrolling Highway 93 in Kootenay National Park where a vehicle was determined to be operating at a dangerous speed of 197 kph – more than twice the posted speed limit of 90 kph. The vehicle was stopped and a 22 year male from Edmonton was charged with excessive speeding, he was fined $483, and his vehicle impounded for seven days. Photo of rear of police vehicle with emergency lights on and white car in the distance beside a photo of a laser speed detection device displaying a speed of 197 km/h at 600.4m.

Further aggressive driving was located in the region throughout the holiday weekend. In Kootenay National Park three other vehicles were impounded. Two as a result of excessive speed resulting in 7 day vehicle impoundments with the drivers receiving fines of $368. A third driver was found to be under the influence of alcohol resulting in the driver receiving a 3 day immediate roadside prohibition and a vehicle impoundment of 3 days. On Highway 3 near Creston three drivers were found traveling at excessive speeds all resulting in 7 day vehicle impoundments and fines for excessive speeding. In these instances one driver was found to be unlicensed while another was a new driver.

Sergeant Ron Kneckt, the non-commissioned officer in charge of BC Highway Patrol – Cranbrook said, We want to remind all drivers that, as the season changes, it is essential to adjust driving habits according to the conditions.

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