Scott family statement


2023-05-31 10:07 PDT

On May 28, 2023, twelve years since the day that Madison Scott went missing, we - the Scott Family - were notified that Maddy’s remains had been identified.

Since May 28, 2011, we have been focused to find Maddy. While there is some relief that Maddy has been found, we are left with many questions that now has us motivated to find answers to truly bring Maddy home.

Collage of three photos of Madison Scott -  Madison holding a dog, Madison with hair tied back and Madison with flower in her hair.

The emotions that we have experienced since Sunday cannot be summarized. However, we are once again astonished at the outpour of support that we have received from family, friends and our communities. This support has been unwavering since day 1, which we are forever grateful, and truly believe that it is the reason that Maddy has been found. As a family, we now have the opportunity to allow Maddy to rest although nothing has yet been planned.

We trust that with patience, persistence and belief that we will receive answers, and remain motivated to achieve closure.

We encourage anyone that has information that may further the investigation into Maddy’s disappearance to bring this forward to the RCMP. Please call the Tipline:778-290-5291 or 1-877- 543-4822. 

We are extremely appreciative for the continued support but kindly ask for privacy through these times.

Sincerely, the Scott Family

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