Running vehicles are easy target for thieves

Fort St John

2022-12-06 09:57 PST

File # PSA Lock it or Lose it

The Fort St John RCMP wishes to remind the public, once again, that it is imperative that you lock your vehicle when not attended, especially as Fort St John is experiencing the cold nights and many drivers run their vehicle to warm it up prior to using it.

According to one frontline police officer, almost every morning for the past week, the Fort St John RCMP has received a report of theft of vehicle where the vehicle was left running, unlocked, and the owner returned to find it stolen. This creates an avoidable hardship for the victim and unnecessary work for the police.

Running vehicles are easy targets for thieves.  Leaving a vehicle unlocked with keys in a vehicle make it a prime target for getting stolen and often the vehicle is not located.  Making matter worse, the vehicle often has personal identification and belongings in it which can be used for identity theft or the debit/credit cards get used fraudulently.

The Fort St John RCMP wish all motorists a safe and secure winter driving season.

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Media Relations Officer
Fort St John RCMP
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