Can we see your house numbers?


2022-07-09 12:02 PDT

Penticton RCMP is reminding homeowners to check their house numbers to ensure they can be seen easily from the street.

Police, Fire Fighters, Paramedics – and even delivery drivers – depend on being able to identify your street address easily and quickly upon arrival to your house.

Consider the following:

If your house numbers are obstructed or weathered, said Cst Dayne Lyons, Penticton RCMP Media Relations Officer, the delay in locating your address could be the critical few minutes we need to get help to you.

Penticton RCMP is asking homeowners to look at the front of their house from the street, if you cannot quickly locate your house number, chances are neither can we!

Released by

Cst. Dayne Lyons

Media Relations Officer
Penticton RCMP
1168 Main Street, Penticton, BC V2A 5E8
Office: 250-492-4300
Cell: 778-559-1140


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