Quadra RCMP weekly report May 16- May 22

Quadra Island

2022-05-23 11:24 PDT

Files of note

Intoxicated male
In the early morning hours of May 17th, Quadra members were called for an intoxicated male causing a disturbance at the Walcan fish plant. The male, who had been fired the previous day, was still on the property and threatening staff. The manager did not want charges but requested officers remove the male. The offending individual was located by officers, agreed to be escorted off the property, and driven to the ferries to start his travels home. The male was cooperative and apologetic for his actions.

Check well being
On May 17th, a concerned complainant requested officers check on his ailing mother. The male, who had not spoken with his mother for three hours, was unable to reach her and stated she had a history of passing out. Cortes Fire Department were able to check on the person in question and confirmed her well being. The complainant was updated. The Quadra RCMP would like to thank the Cortes Fire department for their assistance.

Overdue hiker
In the evening of May 18th, officers received a complaint of an overdue hiker. The owner of a local Air BnB stated that his guest had gone hiking and hadn’t returned. Members were in the beginning stages of the investigation when they were advised the hiker had contacted the complainant and was on her way back. Officers would like to commend the hiker for ensuring she had told someone where she was going and to contact rescue services should she not return on time.

Theft of liquor
On May 19th, staff at the Heriot Bay Tru Value liquor store called stating a youth had stolen a bottle of brandy. Staff was able to identify the male and confirmed he was on his way to ferries. The complainant also advised they didn’t want charges pressed but wanted the youth banned from the property. With the help of the Campbell River RCMP, the youth was located coming off the ferry where he was arrested and the bottle of alcohol of confiscated. The youth was released to his guardian and with notice to not return to the Heriot Bay Tru Value.

Check well being/mental health
On May 19th, a concerned citizen reported an intoxicated male who was trying to swim out to a moored vessel in Drew Harbour. The officer located the distraught male on the beach who voiced mental health concerns. The male was transported to the Campbell River hospital for further evaluation.

Dropped 911/mental health call
In the evening of May 19th, Quadra RCMP officers received a dropped 911 call. The caller voiced some mental health concerns and advised she needed to see a doctor. The caller then hung up and refused to answer the phone or respond to messages. Due to the type of phone it was, officers were unable to determine the location of the caller. Members requested Search and Rescue, RCMP helicopter, among other resources, in an attempt to locate the caller. Thankfully, because of a media release which was quickly assimilated by media, local individuals assisted and contacted the female directly telling her to contact the RCMP. Members spoke with the female who stated she had since mentally recovered and had just failed to tell the police. The individual was educated on when to use 911, and if in danger, to stay on the line so officers could follow up and ensure her safety.

Road rage incident
On May 20th, a female driver reported a male driving a black Chevrolet pickup had been tailgating her. The male then drove ahead of her and stopped his vehicle diagonally on the road forcing her to come a stop. The male then proceeded to yell at the complainant for driving dangerously. The complainant was unable to obtain a license plate and she didn’t know the driver. The male came and spoke to officers a few days later and claimed it was the other individual who had been driving dangerously. The matter is still under investigation. 

Boat fire
In the evening of May 20th, Quadra RCMP received a request to assist with a Vessel fire at April point. Officers arrived on scene and observed the vessel was engulfed in flames. The owner of the vessel was not on board and was at the hospital for an unrelated issue. Nobody else was on board or injured. At this time, the fire does not appear to be suspicious. The matter is still under investigation.

Sudden death
In the evening of May 21st, Quadra RCMP officers received a report that human remains had been located on the shore across from April Point marina. The complainant was concerned the remains were connected to the boat fire from the previous evening. Reports from the previous evening had determined nobody was on board the boat before it sank. Officers attended and were able to determine that the incident was unrelated to the boat fire, and was believed to be an accidental drowning from an overturned dingy. The incident is not believed to be suspicious, but out of respect for the family further information will not be released

Possible impaired
On May 22nd in the afternoon, a complainant reported a group of possible impaired drivers in the ferry lineup at Quathiaski Cove. Officers located the vehicle and spoke with everybody inside. After much investigation, the officer determined the driver and all passengers were very sober. Officers followed up with the complainant who was unable to provide any concrete evidence as to why he thought the parties were intoxicated save that they were laughing, dancing, and having a good time.

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