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2022-04-27 08:44 PDT

The Online Crime Reporting (OCR) system is available for incidents that have occurred in Lillooet where you have lost, had stolen, or sustained property or vehicle damage that is less than $5000 to replace or repair. The OCR system is also appropriate for driving complaints that ARE NOT IN PROGRESS. For complete details, please visit Lillooet RCMP Online Crime Report or enter Online Crime Reporting Lillooet in your search engine.

On April 22 at 12pm a woman reported seeing a pickup truck that was flipped on its roof on Hwy 12 near Pine Ridge Rd. Lillooet RCMP attended and located the driver and passenger sitting nearby who stated they swerved to avoid a deer and rolled over an embankment, causing the truck to flip. Both driver and passenger had minor injuries. The matter was referred to ICBC.

Just a bee
On April 22 at 2:00pm a woman reported seeing another woman inside a vehicle wigging out near Powerhouse Rd. Police attended and found a woman standing outside of her vehicle. The woman stated there was a wasp inside her vehicle that stung her. She was able to use her epi-pen and calm down.

Following a not stolen vehicle
On April 22 at 4:00pm, a woman reported she was following her friend’s vehicle on Hwy 12, which was recently stolen. Police ran the plate of the alleged stolen vehicle the complainant was following, which did not come back as stolen, and was a different colour than the stolen vehicle. Police attended and located the driver of the not stolen vehicle, who provided valid ownership information. That driver also stated there was someone following her too closely and driving unsafely – believed to be the original complainant. Police spoke with the original complainant and explained that she had not found her friend stolen vehicle. Police also requested she remove any posts on social media about the vehicle she was following, as it was not stolen.

Suspicious occurrence
On April 23 at 2:00am a man reported that he had been assaulted in the 400 block of Columbia St. Police attended and located a man known to police. The man did not have any injuries despite claiming he had been assaulted. The man then alleged he had been raped. The man then asked police to drive him down the road. Police spoke with the complainant’s brother who stated he was with him most of the night and did not believe anything his brother reported had happened. Police were unable to determine what, if anything happened, as the complainant story continued to change and he refused to provide a statement to police.

Theft from vehicle
On April 23 at 6:30am a man reported tools and diesel stolen from his vehicle on Columbia St. Police attended and spoke with the man, who stated his neighbour heard a noise around 3am but did not see anything. Tools and approximately 250L of diesel was stolen. Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact Lillooet RCMP, please reference Lillooet RCMP file 2022-775.

Theft from vehicle
On April 23 at 6pm a man reported his vehicle had been broken into while parked at the parking lot for Blowdown FSR. The man reported he had spent one night on the mountain, and returned to his vehicle to find someone had peeled a plastic covering off a rear window and entered the vehicle. Hard drives and camera equipment was stolen. Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact Lillooet RCMP, please reference Lillooet RCMP file 2022-782.

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