Mackenzie RCMP partner with North District Highway Patrol for mid-week road check, and have positive results


2022-04-22 07:55 PDT

File # 2022-706

A mid-week road-check along a busy stretch of highway isn’t normally what drivers expect to encounter, and that was exactly the plan according to the Mackenzie RCMP.

The Mackenzie RCMP conducted a road check on Highway 97 on April 20, 2022 with the intent of catching a few drivers off guard, and hoping to remove any impaired drivers from the road. During the approximate 3-hour long road-check, approximately two hundred vehicles were stopped and drivers spoken to.

This was a great partnership between the Mackenzie RCMP and North District Highway Patrol members. Using a mix of both local knowledge and traffic experience the members felt that this might be a successful time to conduct a counterattack road check, and they were right said BC RCMP Division Media Relations Officer Sergeant Chris Manseau Two drivers were found to be impaired by alcohol, a quantity of drugs was seized, and both violations & warnings were issued

The Mackenzie RCMP were also very pleased to see that the overwhelming majority of interactions with motorists was positive, and they were repeatedly thanked for their efforts in keeping this area of the highway safe.

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