Squamish RCMP seek public’s assistance to crack a cold case investigating the homicide of Kay Kermode


2022-03-16 13:29 PDT

File # 1990-1816

March 18, 2022, marks the 32nd anniversary of the death of 73-year old Kathleen Vauden Kermode, lovingly known as ‘Kay’. Overnight on March 17-18, 1990, the suspect gained entry to Kermode’s Sunset Beach home by climbing a ladder to the raised deck and opening a sliding glass door. Once inside the home, the suspect stabbed Kermode several times. Kermode’s purse was rummaged through and the keys to her 1982 green VW Jetta were taken. The suspect drove the Jetta away from Kermode’s residence and ultimately abandoned it, only a short distance away, where it was left blocking the roadway. That morning, a neighbour in the area noticed Kermode’s vehicle and thought the location of the parked car appeared to be out of the ordinary; efforts to get a hold of Kermode were futile until such time Police were called and made the grizzly discovery.


Described Video & Text: Crime Stoppers Logo & music playing. Greater Vancouver Crime Stoppers U.TV

Described Video: A male in plain clothes is standing in front of a police vehicle with a residence in the background.

Text: Det. Trevor Jetta – Crime Stoppers

Voice: Squamish RCMP and Crime Stoppers want your help in solving the murder case of an elderly woman in her Sunset Beach home.

Described Video: elderly woman lying on a couch reading. Music in background.

Text: Homicide March 17-18/90 Lions Bay West Vancouver

Voice: Mrs. Kathleen KERMODE was found stabbed to death in the morning of March 18th 1990.

Described Video: the woman sits up and takes her glasses off & places them along with the book on the coffee table.

Voice: Police are speculating the following events took place.

Text: Re-enactment

Described Video: Shows a male wearing dark clothing walking down a rocky slope.

Voice: Sometime during the night of March 17th in the early morning hours of March 18th the suspect made his way to the KERMODE home.

Described Video: Shows an ocean front residence

Voice: Using a ladder, he climbed onto the sundeck and found his way inside through a sliding glass door.

Described Video: Male seen carrying a ladder & climbing up it to gain access to the residence through the sliding glass door & flips open a knife.

Voice: Mrs. KERMODE was sleeping at the time her attacker made his move.

Described Video: Elderly woman lying on a couch when a male places his hand over her mouth.

Voice: Which remains at this time a senseless move.

Described Video: Showing the male making a stabbing motion several times.

Voice: Mrs. KERMODE was stabbed several times with the suspect’s knife for no apparent reason whatsoever. Mrs. KERMODE was 73 years old.


Voice: After the murder, the suspect removed the victim’s car keys from her purse and left the house.

Described Video: Suspect shown running up a set of outdoor stairs and enters a parked dark grey Volkswagen Jetta.

Voice: The suspect then took Mrs. KERMODE’s Volkswagen Jetta one half block up the roadway and abandoned the vehicle at that point.

Described Video: Suspect male shown driving the vehicle a short distance when he stops & exits the vehicle shortly thereafter. Detective from the start of the video is shown standing in front of a police vehicle & residence again.

Voice: Investigators have no other information at this time and are asking for your assistance. In addition to a $3,000 reward for this case Crime Stoppers will pay up to $2,000 cash for information leading to the arrest and charge of anybody involved in a crime.

Text: $2000 Reward


Kathleen Vauden Kermode

Kermode lived alone in her waterfront property as a retired school teacher, having spent most of her teaching days in the West Vancouver School District. In her retirement she remained active socially with numerous friends, enjoyed theatre, reading and keeping up to date with politics. She was a victim in every sense of the word.

To this day, investigators do not have a motive for Kermode’s senseless murder and are asking for the public’s assistance in identifying the person responsible. Over the years, Police have received and investigated numerous tips; however, this case remains unsolved.

We will continue to work on, revisit and scrutinize this case states Sgt. Jeff Shore NCO i/c Sea to Sky General Investigation Section. No matter how many years pass by, we remain committed to finding justice for Kay and obviously for her family who still seek answers.

Even though so much time has passed, we still seek closure and wonder just what happened to our Aunt Kay. We are grateful the police are still searching for answers and hopeful that something will come to light to assist the investigation says Allison Kermode, a surviving niece of Kay Kermode.

Police are urging anyone with information about this murder to contact the Squamish General Investigation Section at 604-892-6100 or should you wish to remain anonymous please call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

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