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2022-03-15 10:20 PDT

Total Number of Files: 148
• False Alarm Calls: 8
• False/Abandoned 911 Calls: 3
• Collision Investigations: 2
• Mental Health Act Calls: 4

1. 2022-1574 – Prohibited Driving
On March 10, 2022 BCHP was conducting safety enforcement on Highway 99 when the Member received an alert from his Automatic Licence Plate Recognition system of a potential prohibited driver. When the Member approached the vehicle, the driver gave a false name. The driver was arrested for obstruction of a police investigation and drive while prohibited. A search of the vehicle subsequent to arrest, located ID for the driver of the vehicle which confirmed the driver was in fact prohibited from driving. The driver stated they would get a taxi after the vehicle was impounded.

2. 2022-1524 – Excessive Speed
On March 8, 2022 BCHP was conducting speed enforcement on Highway 99 in Furry Creek. The Member was using a laser when the Member noticed a black truck weaving in and out of lanes at a high rate of speed. The laser showed the vehicle travelling at 155km/hr in an 80 km/hr zone. The driver was issued a ticket and the vehicle was impounded for 7 days. The Member drove the driver to the hospital due to the driver’s family member being ill.


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