Grandchild scam intercepted by observant officer getting fuel

White Rock

2022-03-03 10:58 PST

File # 2022-657

On February 7, 2022 a White Rock RCMP officer was fueling their police vehicle near the end of their shift when they noticed a suspicious meeting between the occupants of two vehicles. When one of the individuals noticed the police officer, the physical signs of nervousness became very apparent. The officer approached the group and observed evidence consistent with illegally obtained money in an amount of over $19,000.

The officer leaped from one clue to the next to uncover a suspected grandparent fraud, where the money couriers were passing off their nefariously obtained cash to their boss. The officer pieced together information to locate and connect with victims in the South Surrey area, who will soon be getting their money back. Three people were arrested at scene and the investigation into these frauds continues.

The grandchild or grandson scam involves an individual claiming to be a police officer, lawyer or the victim’s grandchild with a request for money to help with bail or some other embarrassing financial crisis. The victims want to help their family member and overlook red flags that under normal circumstances they would catch, when not worried.

These scammers are very convincing. If anyone asks you for money outside of your normal financial routine, be skeptical states Staff Sergeant Kale Pauls, before you give any information, call your local police to conduct an assessment. Any request by a caller to not call police or tell anyone is a scam.

white envelope with a large quantity of one hundred dollar bills

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