Lillooet RCMP Weekly Update: January 19 - 25, 2022 - Calls for service: 39


2022-01-28 12:43 PST

The Online Crime Reporting (OCR) system is available for incidents that have occurred in Lillooet where you have lost, had stolen, or sustained property or vehicle damage that is less than $5000 to replace or repair. The OCR system is also appropriate for driving complaints that ARE NOT IN PROGRESS. For complete details, please visit or enter Online Crime Reporting Lillooet in your search engine.

On January 19 at 9:30am, a man reported that, in the morning, he had found three of his truck tires flat. He lived in the 700 block of Main Street. There was no visible damage or slash marks on the tires and the man did not believe he had driven over anything that would cause the tires to go flat. Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact Lillooet RCMP and please reference Lillooet RCMP file 2022-94.

Road Check
On January 19 at 8:30pm, Lillooet RCMP and Stl’atl’imx Police conducted a road check on Seton Lake Road for valid drivers licence, insurance, and driver fitness. Approximately 40 vehicles were checked. Three verbal warnings were issues for minor Motor Vehicle Act offences. One violation ticket was issued to a Learner driver that was found driving without a supervisor. The driver was issued a violation ticket for driving contrary to licence restriction under the Motor Vehicle Act and he received a fine of $109. The driver was joined by a qualified supervisor and allowed to carry on. The road check was concluded at 9:30pm.

Suspicious Person
On January 20 at 11pm, Lillooet RCMP were on patrol and observed a suspicious man outside the Tim Hortons at Old Mill Plaza. The man approached police and was quickly identified as he was well known to police. The 43-year-old man claimed to be using the free WiFi at the Mall Plaza. He had recently been released from prison. He was not found to be breaching any probation conditions and was allowed to carry on.

On January 21 at 1:30pm, a man reported that he had crashed his 2006 Toyota Tacoma near the Pavilion Reserve on Highway 99N. The driver survived his truck going off road and rolling down an embankment, but was injured. The vehicle was a write off. Road conditions were slick, with recent snowfall and temperatures hovering around zero degrees. The vehicle was towed off scene and the driver was given a ride into Lillooet.

Payment Dispute
On January 22 at 5:30pm, a woman reported that a man was at her residence in Bridge River and was removing the wheels from her vehicle. Lillooet RCMP attended and stopped the suspect while he was travelling back to Lillooet with three tires strapped to his roof. The man stated he had sold the tires to the woman, but she claimed the tires didn’t work properly, despite still being used on the vehicle. So the man decided to take his tires back. The man reluctantly returned the tires to the woman. Both the man and woman were told that the matter was to be dealt with through civil court, if they could not settle payment for the tires between themselves.

Impaired Driver
On January 25 at 10pm, Lillooet RCMP were advised of a possible intoxicated driver parked near Russel St. Police were advised a man was in the drivers seat asleep, with the vehicle running and the gas pedal fully depressed causing the vehicle’s engine to rev loudly while it was in park. Lillooet RCMP and Stl’atl’imx Police located the vehicle and suspect driver, and a roadside alcohol screening test was given. The man blew a fail, and refused to provide a second breath sample. The man was served an immediate roadside driving prohibition for 90 days. His vehicle was impounded for a mandatory minimum 30 days. The man began yelling profanities at police and was arrested for causing a disturbance and transported to Lillooet cells and held overnight.

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