Lillooet RCMP December 1 – December 7, 2021, calls for service: 21


2021-12-08 10:17 PST

The Online Crime Reporting (OCR) system is available for incidents that have occurred in Lillooet where you have lost, had stolen, or sustained property or vehicle damage that is less than $5000 to replace or repair. The OCR system is also appropriate for driving complaints that ARE NOT IN PROGRESS. For complete details, please visit or enter Online Crime Reporting Lillooet in your search engine.

On December 1, a complainant reported a bear-proof garbage can was stolen from her place of employment near 9th and Main St. The garbage can was described as dark grey with brass clips, and went missing prior to November 24th, 2021. Anyone with any information regarding this incident is requested to contact Lillooet RCMP, please reference Lillooet RCMP file 2021-2272.

On December 1 at 4:00 pm, Lillooet RCMP were called to assist Lillooet Fire department with a reported fire in the 800 block of Moha Rd. Police and the Lillooet Fire Chief informed two men on scene that yard trimmings were allowed for burning, however burning garbage was not allowed. The men stated some garbage was used to start the fire, however no garbage was used after the fire began burning.

Intoxicated in Public
On December 2 at 4:00pm, Lillooet RCMP were on patrol and located an intoxicated 36-year-old man at Museum Park. The man immediately requested an ambulance. EHS attended and transported the man to the hospital for further evaluation.

Utter Threats
On December 3 at 4:00 pm, a 21-year-old man reported that he was driving down Main St in the 600 block when an unknown man yelled to him I’m going to end your life. Lillooet RCMP happened to be in the 600 block of Main St during the time of the incident and did not observe or hear anyone yelling at the complainant. Lillooet RCMP conducted foot patrols in the area but did not locate anyone of interest. The complainant was only able to provide identifiers as a man wearing a green or black jacket. The 21-year-old complainant was also requesting police proceed with charges against this unknown male who yelled at him. Police asked for further information about the man, however the complainant was unable to provide further details. The complainant was asked to inform police if the man who yelled at him was seen again. At that point there was insufficient evidence for police to pursue the matter any further.

Intoxicated in Public
On December 6 at 5:00 pm, a complainant reported seeing an intoxicated man barely able to walk near the Hotel Victoria. Lillooet RCMP located a 37-year-old man highly intoxicated, barely conscious partially laying in the snow near the Mile-0 Hotel. The man was arrested for being intoxicated in public and transported to Lillooet cells to meet with BC Ambulance in a warmer environment. Paramedics were unable to obtain necessary vitals from the man due to his intoxication and inability to follow paramedic’s directions. The man was subsequently released from police custody and transported to Lillooet hospital for further evaluation.

Suspicious Activity
On December 6 at 9:30 pm, a complainant reported seeing someone checking vehicles with a flashlight in a parking area near 7th and Main St. Lillooet RCMP attended within minutes of the report but were unable to locate anyone in the area. Recent snowfall had several footprints in the parking area leading to and from vehicle driver’s doors, most likely from vehicle owners. None of the vehicles appeared disturbed. A man sitting in a running vehicle on the other side of the parking area stated he did not see anyone around. No further reports of suspicious activity in the area, and no reports of theft from vehicle the next day.

Check Well Being
On December 7 at 4:00 pm, a complainant reported she was hiding in a closet at an unknown man’s residence, at an unknown address, and that the man might die. The woman reported she had arrived at the residence by taxi, could not recall the man’s name, and that he was vomiting and soiling himself often. BC Ambulance was advised to attend. The woman continued reporting that the man was sort of a gangster, and then stated the man was in cardiac arrest. Lillooet RCMP arrived on scene and located the man sitting on the couch watching television, alert and fully conscious. The man was assessed by police to not be in any life threatening situation, but appeared to live an unhygienic lifestyle. Lillooet RCMP located the complainant in a bedroom laying on a bed, unharmed and uninjured. The woman requested a ride home from police which was provided. En-route to her residence, the woman advised RCMP she went to the man’s house for snacks and movies, but it wasn’t how she envisioned it.

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