Port Alberni RCMP warning businesses and public of recent counterfeit bills

Port Alberni

2021-11-30 11:55 PST

File # 2021-12402

As of November 26, 2021 the Port Alberni RCMP has received four reports of counterfeit $100 Canadian bills and two counterfeit $50 Canadian bills. These bills represent an older series of bills, but are still being used as legal tender. There are four other locations on Vancouver Island where similar counterfeit $100 bills have been used.

"The serial number for the $100 bills identified to date is EJA8914981" said Sergeant Peter Dionne, Port Alberni RCMP detachment Operations Support NCO "There could be other editions in circulation and these bills could be removed from circulation as a result of media attention"

If you suspect that you’re being offered a counterfeit note, assess the situation to ensure that you are not at risk. Then, do the following:

'Identifying the persons using the counterfeit currency is challenging.  Ideally, their images are captured on camera, and can be used in the criminal investigation" Dionne added. "We have been in contact with the other detachments where similar counterfeit bills were passed in an effort to identify suspects"

Port Alberni RCMP recommend this information be shared with cashiers and other employees handling cash.

For more information on detecting counterfeit bills and what to do if you receive one, please visit the Bank of Canada’s webpage about counterfeit prevention.

Sgt. Peter DIONNE
Operations Support NCO
Port Alberni RCMP Detachment 

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