Elk Valley RCMPolice Detachment Media Report

Elk Valley

2021-11-30 01:22 PST

File # Elk Valley Bi-Weekly Media Report

Construction work and traffic delays are a reality of driving in the Elk Valley and it is never acceptable to drive recklessly or above the speed limit in construction zones.

Construction crews/flaggers have to deal with distracted drivers, speeders, and road rage which are just some of the issues construction personnel are dealing with. RCMPolice ask you to help protect workers by driving safely and refraining from road rage.

To help keep construction crews safe, the RCMPolice are asking drivers to:

• Slow down and obey the posted construction speed limit when driving through construction zones.
• Pay attention to flaggers and always obey their commands.
• Stay alert and focused while driving; take note of where construction zones begin and end.
• Always keep a safe distance between your vehicle and construction workers/flaggers, equipment and vehicles.
• Avoid driving while distracted: leave cell phones, electronic devices and food alone.
• Be calm, patient, and flexible when encountering traffic delays. Aggressive driving can result in accidents and potentially longer delays for everyone.

Elk Valley RCMPolice will be conducting patrols in and around designated construction areas ensuring driver compliance and worker safety.

Those caught speeding through construction areas could face potential fines starting at $196.00 under Section 140 of the Motor Vehicle Act. Motorists caught driving 40 km/h over the posted speed limit will have their vehicle impounded for seven days and face escalating penalties for repeat offences.

Currently, in British Columbia fines for speeding in a construction zone can cost the offender up to $253.00, if more than 21 km/h of the post speed limit.

Failing to disobey a flagger is a $196.00 fine and you will receive 3 points, as per Section 141 of the Motor Vehicle Act.

Elk Valley RCMPolice would like to remind everyone that we all have a family to get home to at the end of the day, and if you could just slow down and drive with care we can all get to our destinations safely, said Cst. Debra Katerenchuk.

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