Cryptocurrency fraud in the Comox Valley

Comox Valley

2021-11-25 11:23 PST

File # 2021-17022, 2021-18836

Comox Valley RCMP is currently investigating several reports of cryptocurrency fraud resulting in the loss of over a million dollars.

In two reports, the victims were called over the telephone and presented with an opportunity to invest money in return for dividends. The victims allowed the scammer remote access to their personal computers to facilitate the creation of online trading accounts on a legitimate trading platform; however, since the scammer had access to the computer they were able to gather personal information from the victim and had continued access to the accounts created. For some time, the victims received dividends from the scammer. When the dividends eventually stopped, the accounts were drained and the victims lost thousands of dollars more than they received back.

Additional victims, wishing to invest in crypto-currency, clicked on Facebook advertisements for crypto-currency brokers. They transferred money to these brokers and saw reports online showing that their money was doing well, even noticing profitable gains. The brokers encouraged victims to invest more money until all communication stopped and the money became inaccessible.

Once you’ve taken your money from the bank and transferred it elsewhere, you are responsible for where it goes and who is able to access it, said Cst. Monika Terragni, Comox Valley RCMP Media Relations Officer. Take your time to know where your money is going and don’t get lured in by fancy websites, online advertisements, or unexpected phone calls.

Here are a few tips to protect yourself

If you do fall victim to a fraud, or have information, please call the Comox Valley RCMP at (250) 338-1321. If you wish to make an anonymous report, please contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS or online at

To learn more about Cyber Safety, visit the RCMP Cyber Safety webpage.

To learn more about current frauds and trends in Canada, visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.


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Cst. Monika Terragni

Media Relations Officer
Comox Valley RCMP
800 Ryan Rd, Courtenay, BC V9N 7T1
Office: 250-338-1321
Fax: 250-338-6781


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