Campbell River RCMP Community Update for November 18th, 2021

Campbell River

2021-11-19 10:09 PST

Campbell River RCMP Community Update for November 18th, 2021

As of November 18th, 2021, the Campbell River RCMP had responded to 15,857 calls for service marking a 5% increase over calls for service in the same time frame of 2020.

BC Flooding and Campbell River

The recent atmospheric river that decimated much of the transportation infrastructure in southern British Columbia, seemed to have left Campbell River relatively unscathed. However, now it seems we have become the makers of our own problems.

Fears of supply shortages have created an unnecessary buying fury in many of the gas stations and grocery stores in the area thereby creating an actual immediate shortages. The issue is not supply shortage, it's how businesses order.

Businesses have an expectation for how often they will require fuel trucks to arrive, produce to arrive and other necessities of life to arrive. They base that on regular business patterns and order and schedule deliveries accordingly. When people panic buy, it throws off those schedules and stocks very quickly and can take the businesses a little bit of time to reschedule their deliveries.

So please, put down the 3 - 24 packs of toilet paper (you've probably got some stashed away from Covid panic buys anyway), re-shelf the 15 packs of ground beef in your cart, and put away the extra jerry cans you are bringing to the gas station. Hoarding will only create a temporary shortage that fuels people's fears. If people just shop in their normal way, things will be fine.

Please take heed of the present government restrictions on non-essential travel and rationing and we will all be able to get through this together. 

Dog Attack                         File: 2021-15589

The Campbell River RCMP found themselves dealing with unique circumstances on Friday, November 12th.

Shortly after 12:00 pm, officers were called to a known residence on Wavecrest Rd. in Stories Beach after a male emerged from the home covered in blood and had been the apparent victim of a dog attack.

Police arrived to find the 50 year old male resident outside the home covered in blood, claiming that his spouse was inside and asking police to save his wife. Officers entered the home to find the 50 year old female suffering from multiple large gashes, punctures, and blood loss caused by the family Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Officers immediately rendered first aid to stem the flow of blood until BC Ambulance service could arrive to transport the female and then rendered first aid to the male who had suffered wounds to his arm while allegedly trying to get the dog to release his wife.The female remains in hospital due to her sustained injuries. 

The dog, was allegedly injured by the owner during the incident and was removed from the home by Animal Control Services.

Incidents such as this are a grim reminder that police do not just exist as an investigative body, but also as the first responder to dangerous situations so that life saving first aid can be rendered, said Cst Maury Tyre. All of our officers are certified first aid attendants with some having experience and previous training that stretches well beyond the basics provided in standard courses and quick initial attendance by such officers can be the difference between life and death.


Attempted Robbery                     File: 2021-15714

On November 15th, 2021 at approximately 3:30 pm, the Campbell River RCMP were advised of an attempted robbery of a teenage girl in the 300 block of the Island Highway earlier in the afternoon. 

At approximately 2:35 pm the female had been walking in a laneway just off the highway when an unknown male pushed her from behind and attempted to take her backpack. Instead the young woman fell and got tangled in some bushes as well as her backpack and the male took off without any further incidence. 

The male was described as a 5 ft 10 Caucasian male, with a broad build. He was wearing black jeans and a black rain shell and may possibly travel the laneway on a semi regular basis.

It's important to remember that these type of incidents involving complete strangers are very rare in Campbell River, said Cst Maury Tyre. However it's still worthwhile for people to walk in pairs when they can and stick to well travelled paths to minimize risks. 

Police are asking that any person with information regarding this or any other crime contact the Campbell River RCMP at 250-286-6221 or in an emergency call 911.

Released by

Cst. Maury Tyre

Media Relations Officer
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