Lillooet RCMP October 20 – October 26 2021, Calls for service: 33


2021-10-27 15:00 PDT

The Online Crime Reporting (OCR) system is available for incidents that have occurred in Lillooet where you have lost, had stolen, or sustained property or vehicle damage that is less than $5000 to replace or repair. The OCR system is also appropriate for driving complaints that ARE NOT IN PROGRESS. For complete details, please visit or enter Online Crime Reporting Lillooet in your search engine.


On October 21 at 8am Lillooet RCMP were advised by the Lillooet hospital staff they had a 43 year-old male patient that had a significant 6 inch stab wound and claimed he was robbed, but the patient was in the process of being transferred to Royal Inland Hospital (RIH) in Kamloops. The male is well known to Lillooet RCMP. Kamloops RCMP attended RIH and spoke with the male, who refused to cooperate with police, refused to provide any information regarding what happened, what he was robbed of, or who stabbed him. File concluded due to uncooperative victim.


On October 22 at 8pm a female reported seeing people at the rear of the Legion building on Main Sreet, which was closed. Police attended and located two females and a male in the rear fenced area owned by the Legion. Police advised the group it was private property and if they returned would be arrested for trespassing. The group claimed to just be hanging out, and left without further incident.

Break and Enter

On October 24 at 3:30pm a female complainant reported a possible break and enter in progress at the boarded up church located on Lytton First Nations land across from the Stein Valley School. Lillooet RCMP attended and spoke with the complainant on scene who reported seeing an older female with possibly a crowbar attempting to pry plywood off of the church’s windows. Police observed minimal damage and just a 6 inch sliver broken off one of the plywood boards. The burglar was reportedly driving a burgundy coloured van with unknown direction of travel. Anyone with any information regarding this incident is requested to contact Lillooet RCMP, please reference Lillooet RCMP file 2021-1982.

Indecent Act

On October 24 at 8pm a male reported third hand information that a male was observed masturbating near 9th Avenue and Main Street, Lillooet. Police made patrols and located a male with matching description, however he was travelling southbound from 5th Avenue and was unlikely to be in the described location. Police spoke with the male, who denied masturbating and being in the area.

Shots Fired and Wildlife Act

On October 24 at 9pm a complainant on Texas Creek Road reported seeing flashlights on the east side of the Fraser river, hearing 2 shots fired, then seeing a vehicle leave the area northbound. The complainant believed someone had killed an animal and was loading it into the vehicle. Police setup on Highway 12 and located a blue sedan travelling northbound and engaged in a traffic stop. The 28 year-old female driver confirmed they had shot a buck further south on Highway 12 and were within their rights as Indigenous people. The vehicle was searched under the Wildlife Act, where Police and a Conservation Officer observed a dead buck partially gutted in the rear of the vehicle, an unloaded rifle, and an unloaded but cocked crossbow. The male passenger had a valid PAL. The female was requested to uncock the crossbow. In the process of doing that, she became enraged that officers were obtaining a photo of the dead buck in the vehicle and began heading towards officers with an arrow in hand. Officers were able to grab the arrow from the female and de-escalate the situation. The female driver was unable to produce a driver’s license and was served a Violation ticket under the Motor Vehicle Act and allowed to depart. The file is under further investigation.

Found Property

On October 25, two jerry cans were turned in to the Lillooet RCMP as found property. The two jerry cans have a distinct identifying mark on both of them. Owner may claim with detailed description within 90 days. Please reference Lillooet RCMP file 2021-1989.

Road Check

On October 25, at 8pm Lillooet RCMP conducted a road check on Seton Lake Road for intoxicated drivers. Approximately 40 vehicles were checked, no drivers were found to be intoxicated. Members did stop one unlicensed driver, whose was served a Notice of Driving Prohibition and vehicle was impounded for 7 days under the Motor Vehicle Act. The road check was concluded at 8:45pm

Intoxicated in Public

On October 25 at 11pm Lillooet RCMP observed a 21 year-old male staggering and wobbling his way down Main Street in the 600 block. Police stopped to checked on the male and quickly established he was highly intoxicated and had apparently vomited all over the front of his jacket. The male had highly slurred speech and when asked where he was staying, the male replied where I am supposed to be. Lillooet RCMP transported the male to Lillooet cells to safely sober up. The next morning he was served a Violation Ticket for $115 for being intoxicated in public under the Liquor Control and Licensing Act and released from cells.

Found Property

On October 26 while on foot patrol Lillooet RCMP located a steel truck dry box near the 23 Camels Bridge. Owner may claim with detailed description within 90 days. Please reference Lillooet RCMP file 2021-1998.

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