Lillooet RCMP October 6 – October 12 2021, Calls for service: 49


2021-10-19 10:21 PDT

The Online Crime Reporting (OCR) system is available for incidents that have occurred in Lillooet where you have lost, had stolen, or sustained property or vehicle damage that is less than $5000 to replace or repair. The OCR system is also appropriate for driving complaints that ARE NOT IN PROGRESS. For complete details, please visit or enter Online Crime Reporting Lillooet in your search engine.

Intoxicated in Public

On October 6 at 11am, two females and two males were reported intoxicated outside the Victoria Hotel Pub. RCMP attended and located a female who was intermittently vomiting and giggling, a male who didn’t show any sign of impairment, another female who was yelling she was more high than drunk and that she had eaten a bud of cannabis, and a second male who was more concerned there was a warrant for his arrest. The attending member discussed treatment options with the group, however the discussion was unfruitful. The group advised they did not require an ambulance. Attending member confirmed there was no warrant for arrest for anyone in the group. The second male also was deemed capable of looking after the group and was advised to head home. A taxi was called to transport the group home, vomit bags were also provided.

Pointing a firearm

On October 6 at 3:30pm, a male complainant reported that a 62 year-old male known to the complainant, came to his new residence uninvited. Upon arrival the 62 year-old allegedly cocked a handgun, approached the complainant, shoved the firearm into the complainant’s torso and neck and threatened to light the complainant’s home on fire then departed. RCMP attended the 62 year-olds residence but were unable to locate him. Lillooet RCMP obtained a warrant for arrest. The 62 year-old gave himself up to Lillooet RCMP on October 14, where he was subsequently released by a judge with conditions. Police seized all firearms and a PAL from the 62 year-old. The file is still under investigation.


On October 7 at 8:30pm, BC Ambulance advised RCMP of a single vehicle rollover near Phair Road. Police attended along with Ambulance Service and the Lillooet fire department where a black SUV had rolled over trapping two dogs. The 33 year-old male driver, and a 1 year old child were uninjured but transported to Lillooet hospital for further examination. The driver claimed he swerved to dodge a cat while heading south on Old Bridge Road, when he went off road and rolled down the embankment towards Phair Road. Alcohol was suspected and the driver was served a 24-hour driving prohibition. With the help of Lillooet fire department and some locals, they were able to free the dogs who were reunited with their owner.

Break and Enter

On October 9 at 7:30pm, a male called 911 reporting that someone had broken into his storage building at his residence and he was pursuing the suspect. The complainant reported he was in his vehicle, chasing the suspect who was riding a bicycle, and threatening to run the suspect over. The complainant made the wiser decision to not run the suspect over, however the suspect went over a small embankment and crashed near the rec centre. Most likely spooked, the suspect quickly departed down the train tracks and the complainant discontinued his pursuit. Lillooet RCMP and Stl’atl’imx Police were enroute and caught up with the complainant, but were unable to locate the suspect who had several directions he could have taken with the bicycle. RCMP followed the complainant back to his residence to examine the area. After a chance to debrief and cool off, the complainant did not believe anything was stolen from the storage building, however it was clear that someone had been in there rummaging around. The storage building was not locked and police advised the male to lock the building moving forward, and consider installing surveillance cameras.

Attempted theft of auto

On October 10 at 2pm, a female reported that someone had attempted to steal her pickup truck that was parked near Main St and 6th. The female stated she had been away for two weeks and the vehicle was not drivable, but that someone had punched the ignition and removed a board under the steering wheel exposing some wiring. Forensic Identification Services were unavailable to attend. Anyone with any information regarding this incident is requested to contact Lillooet RCMP, please reference Lillooet RCMP file 2021-1895.

Recovered bicycles

On October 11 at 12pm, a female reported that her family was camping near the Cayoosh campground and located 3 high end mountain bikes stashed in some bushes. Police attended and recovered the bicycles which were confirmed to be reported stolen on September 21. The owner was notified and very happy to hear the news.

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