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2021-08-25 11:41 PDT

File # Elk Valley Bi-Weekly Media Report

Man hops on train – Galloway, B.C.
Elk Valley RCMPolice File No.: 2021-2190

On Friday, July 23, 2021 at 21:00 p.m. RCMPolice learned from CP Rail that a
fly fisherman had heard a man yelling for help while the train was going by. After
checking with CP Rail, Officers were made aware that the train would be travelling
through and stopping in Fernie. Officers spoke with the train’s conductor who
believed that they may have a stowaway on board. It was soon learned that the
male was stuck inside a grain car, banging to get out. It was discovered the male
had entered the grain car by an unlocked hatch.The man was treated by BC
Ambulance Service who sustained no injuries; however, he spent 2 days without
food and water. The man was placed under arrest for Trespassing, Mischief and
Illegal Entry into Canada. Ultimately, the man was transported to Surry and
transferred to American custody at a nearby US Port of Entry.

Fire Extinguisher thrown at window of The Fernie Academy,
Elk Valley RCMPolice File No.: 2021-2350

On Tuesday, August 03, 2021, at 8:10 a.m. Elk Valley RCMPolice received a report that at the Fernie Academy, person(s) had thrown a fire extinguisher at one of their windows. The incident may have happened on Saturday, July 31, 2021.

Please contact the Elk Valley RCMPolice at 250-425-6233 or Crime Stoppers 1-800-222-8477, if you have any information in relation to this incident.

Unattended Burn Pile, Sparwood, B.C.
Elk Valley RCMPolice File No.: 2021-2367

On Wednesday, August 4, 2021 at 1:30 p.m. Elk Valley RCMPolice, BC
Conservation Office Service and the Sparwood Fire Department responded to what
was reported a large unattended burn pile. It turned out to be a smouldering fire
contained in a truck rim in the Lower Elk Valley area of Sparwood. The
registered owner of the property was issued a Violation Ticket for $1,150.00, under
Section 10(3) under the Wild Fire Act by the Conservation Officer.

S.O.S. on the Flat head River South
Elk Valley RCMPolice File No.: 2021-2471

On Wednesday, August 11, 2021 at 8:50 p.m. RCMPolice became aware of a
vague S.O.S. message from a Garmin GPS device where 6 people were rafting on
the river but did not arrive at their designation at the south bridge at the USA
border. Fernie Search and Rescue (SAR) was activated to assist with the search
on the river. Garmin was able to assist by providing some emergency
contact names and phone numbers for the device owner; however Police were
unable to reach anyone belonging to those emergency contact numbers. Around
midnight, Garmin advised Elk Valley RCMPolice they had received messages
from the GPS device that they had found their missing 6 individuals. The group
advised that while they were floating down the river they had encountered a beaver
dam. When they realized that they could not float any further, they attempted
to walk around the dam but were unsuccessful finding their way. The group
decided to turn around and walk back to camp to where they were dropped off. No
one was injured but quite exhausted from their day.

Hikers on Mt. Muir, Sparwood, B.C.
Elk Valley RCMPolice File No.: 2021-2503

On Saturday August 14, 2021, around 8:30 p.m. Elk Valley RCMPolice received
notification from the International Response Coordination Centre (IRCC)
Office of an In Reach Device Activation stating that 4 people were on the south
side of Mt. Muir, and due to the lateness of day, were having trouble navigating
down from the trails. The mountain is located on the BC-Alberta border north of
Elkford. Search and Rescue (SAR) was activated and updated of the
situation on Mt. Muir. Within a couple of hours of IRCC notification, all
individuals successfully made their way down Mt. Muir. Everyone was safe,
healthy and no one had any injuries.

Super B Gas tanker on fire, Elko, B.C.
Elk Valley RCMPolice File No.: 2021-2552

On Wednesday, August 18, 2021, at 9:30 p.m. Elk Valley RCMPolice had received
a request for assistance from the Elko Fire Department due to a gas tanker full of
gas that had caught on fire at the Canco Hilltop gas station Elko, B.C. The tanker
was carrying approximately 40,000L of gas. Nearby was an estimate of 10,000 L
of diesel. Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement were also on scene.There
was an immediate evacuation of persons in the area who were directed to the
Fernie Community Centre. It was very fortunate no one sustained any injuries and
everyone was safe and accounted for during this time. CP Rail was updated of the
fire in the vicinity and they suspended their travel in the mean time. BC Highway
flaggers had also closed the highway in both directions. Elko Fire Department
managed to contain the fire to the tractor and first trailer, and vicinity of the large
tanks of gas. The cause of the gas fire continues to be under investigation by the
Elko Fire Department.

Watch Out For Scammers

Elk Valley RCMPolice continue to receive reports from the public regarding
telephone fraud. RCMPolice would like to recommend to never provide personal
or banking information over the phone to anyone. You are encouraged to only
provide sensitive information through verified company contacts and systems. In
person is the safest way to provide information to someone you know who works
at the business or government agency.

Please do not assume the telephone number contacting you is legitimate as
computer software can replicate any phone number. Do not send money
electronically or make payments to anyone over the telephone without taking the
proper steps. It is very important to know that once money is sent electronically it
likely cannot be recovered.

There continues to be many sophisticated and creative fraudsters, such as, you
are being investigative for drug possession; or a fraudster claiming to work for
National Defence demanding payment for a fictitious outstanding debts or
someone identifying themselves as a bank employee. When this happens to you,
hang up the phone, and alert Service Canada about the attempted fraud.

B&E and Theft – Fernie, B.C.
Elk Valley RCMPolice File Number: 2021-2617

On Tuesday, August 24, 2021, Police were called to an illegal camp up Coal Creek
Rd where two individuals were arrested and investigated for possession of stolen
property. Numerous items were discovered to have been stolen from the Fernie
Rod & Gun Club, a parked road grader on Coal Creek, and other vehicles parked in
and around Fernie. Both accused are local residents and were later released on
court documents for a future court date and are also prohibited to be in the Coal
Creek area.

The Elk Valley RCMP believe these two individuals are associated to a small
group of people that move between the Crowsnest Pass and Cranbrook areas
stealing from businesses and vehicles at night. Many times the items are stolen but
are not reported to police so the Elk Valley RCMP would like to remind the public
that reporting all crime allows the police to identify hot spots, trends, and allow
officers to return stolen items if located. All detachments have an on-line crime
reporting tool that allows the public to report property crime that do not require
police to attend to a crime scene immediately or not at all.

Lock it or Lose it: Your Vehicles and Mountain Bikes

Elk Valley RCMPolice would like to remind the public of their duty and
responsibility to lock all your vehicles and secure your mountain bikes. Please
do not leave personal/business items in your vehicles. The RCMPolice have seen
an increase in these types of thefts and would like everyone to be very cognizant in
securing your properties safe from night-time thieves.


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