Fort St. James RCMP is warning businesses of suspected counterfeit bills being circulated

Fort St James

2021-08-25 11:08 PDT

The Fort St. James RCMP is warning business owners to be vigilant after several incidents of suspected counterfeit Canadian $50 bills have been circulated in the area.

Since June there have been three incidents of these bills being circulated at local businesses.

The suspected counterfeit bills have the serial number LGQ03229158, and are either taped together or glued together in the security strip feature of the bill.

Photo of a counterfeit $50 bill.

Important to note that the security strip will belong to a $5.

The RCMP wish to remind local merchants and their employees to examine and verify any currency that is given to them and to report any suspicious bills to their local RCMP.

If you suspect that you’re being offered a counterfeit note, assess the situation to ensure that you are not at risk. Then, do the following:

If anyone has any information that may help with this investigation, please contact the Fort St. James RMCP.

For more information on detecting counterfeit bills and what to do if you receive one, please visit the Bank of Canada’s webpage about counterfeit prevention.

Released by:

Staff Sergeant Sean Wadelius
Fort St. James RCMP

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